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    How Much Water Does Your Body Need
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    Signs of a Stroke
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    Bollywood, Zumba or both

Benefits Of Yoga For The Elderly

Seniors often suffer from numerous problems such as arthritis, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, chronic pain and trouble sleeping.  The also have problems with balance and are prone to falls.  Many seniors have trouble being active and some forms of exercise are beyond their capabilities. Yoga is an excellent way for seniors to add some physical […]

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Bye Bye Wrinkles

As we age our bodies produce less of the protein Elastin.  This can result in wrinkles and sagging skin. Use of products containing Elastin may  firm and plump up skin as well as aid in the production of more collagen. Instead of undergoing costly  Botox procedures or surgery many people have opted to use these […]

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Belly Fat Is Dangerous

Carrying fat around your belly is not only unattractive it is unhealthy.  This flab around your belly may increase your risks of diabetes, heart disease or stroke.  Losing belly fat can be harder than losing fat anywhere else in the body. In order to get rid of the flab it will take a combination of […]



Tumors may be either benign or malignant .  It is important to know the difference between the different types of tumors.  Different types of tumors can have very different results for patients. A benign tumor is usually not life threatening.  In some cases they are little more than a nuisance.  However, some types of benign […]


Tips to Help Reduce Snoring

Snoring is a problem which occurs every night for many people  It is the main reason many happy couples end each night sleeping in separate places.  Before  you consult your medical professional you may want to try some things which may ease your snoring. Try changing your sleeping position.  Sleeping on your back can increase […]


Prevent Some Minor Foot Problems

Our feet are designed to provide stability and mobility.  The structure of the foot allows us to walk or run as we choose.  However, the daily strains we place on our feet can cause problems to develop resulting in unsteadiness and pain .  If not addressed minor foot problems can become more serious and complicated […]


Gluten Free?

One of the latest diet crazes is following a gluten free diet.  For some people with celiac disease or those whose systems are sensitive to gluten there is no choice but to follow this way of eating.   For others, following a gluten free diet is simply a way to  lose weight. Gluten is a protein […]