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Places Where Your Allergies May Feel Better

If you are suffering the itchy eyes, stuffy and running nose associated with an allergy you may be considering a move to a more allergy friendly area. If you have seasonal allergies you want to take into consideration the pollen count in an area.  The more pollen in the air the more your allergy symptoms […]

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Bye Bye Wrinkles

As we age our bodies produce less of the protein Elastin.  This can result in wrinkles and sagging skin. Use of products containing Elastin may  firm and plump up skin as well as aid in the production of more collagen. Instead of undergoing costly  Botox procedures or surgery many people have opted to use these […]

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Tips to Help Reduce Snoring

Snoring is a problem which occurs every night for many people  It is the main reason many happy couples end each night sleeping in separate places.  Before  you consult your medical professional you may want to try some things which may ease your snoring. Try changing your sleeping position.  Sleeping on your back can increase […]


Prevent Some Minor Foot Problems

Our feet are designed to provide stability and mobility.  The structure of the foot allows us to walk or run as we choose.  However, the daily strains we place on our feet can cause problems to develop resulting in unsteadiness and pain .  If not addressed minor foot problems can become more serious and complicated […]


Gluten Free?

One of the latest diet crazes is following a gluten free diet.  For some people with celiac disease or those whose systems are sensitive to gluten there is no choice but to follow this way of eating.   For others, following a gluten free diet is simply a way to  lose weight. Gluten is a protein […]


Fitness Is Important

Being healthy and fit is of paramount importance to a long productive life.  A sedentary lifestyle will likely lead to obesity or overweight.  Obesity can be responsible for health problems such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and hypertension.  When you are unfit your veins may not be circulating blood properly or your blood vessels may become […]



When an abnormally large amount of fluid accumulates in the body this may be edema.  Edema is a medical condition affecting many people.  It can be either mild or severe.   You may experience swelling or puffiness in most any area of your body. Edema may be caused by some medications or it may be the […]