15 Old Fashioned Ways To Keep Your Kids Entertained

Before there was an abundance of electronic gadgets to entertain the kids there were other types of activities children actually enjoyed.  Most of these activities were free or of very little expense.  The old fashioned activities gave kids the opportunity to interact with others, use their imagination, and get some healthy exercise instead of sitting and looking at a screen.

Perhaps it’s time to bring back some old fashioned type activities to keep the kids entertained.  Maybe you’ll have pleasant memories of participating in some of these activities when you were a kid.

1.  Most kids enjoy dressing up in men and women’s clothing and pretending to be Mom and Dad.

2.  If  you have a large empty box help the kids transform the box into a fort.  They may even paint it.  Then the kids can dress up and make believe they are whoever they decide to be.  Maybe they want to be cowboys and Indians or maybe they want to be soldiers.

3.  Pack a picnic lunch and stroll through the park with the kids looking for birds or flowers.  Then stop and enjoy the picnic.  If you don’t want to go to the park, what about the kids having a picnic in the yard.

4.  Most kids like to “help” in the kitchen.  Help the kids to make some cookies or a cake or even a pizza.  They are sure to enjoy eating what they created.

5.  Do you have any old board games or card games around?  Everyone can sit together and enjoy playing a game.

6.  For some outdoor activity what about some jump rope, roller skating or bike riding.  How about some softball or shooting hoops.  The kids can enjoy these activities with friends.

7.  On a rainy day drape a sheet over some chairs and create a tent.  Let the kids have lunch inside and play some games.

8.  Encourage your kids to write a letter to their grandparents or a friend or cousin.  An actual paper letter sent by snail mail and not an email.

9.  Remember playing charades?  This is a fun way to spend some time.

10. Put together a scavenger hunt.  Hide some objects, drop some clues and turn the kids loose to find the objects.

11. If you kids are young gather them together and sit down and read a book to them.

12. Take a trip to the local library.  Often they have story time for kids.

13. Kids usually enjoy a trip through the zoo so they can visit the animals.

14. A visit to the local playground is a great way to spend several hours and give the kids a workout.

15. If you are on a road trip perhaps you would enjoy playing the alphabet game.  Watch license plates and road signs and look for the sign or license beginning with the letter A then the letter B and so on.

These are just a few ideas of  old fashioned activities  kids might enjoy.  There are many other similar activities which may be fun ways to entertain the kids.