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How To Breathe Correctly

Everyone has to breathe in oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. Many of us are not breathing properly. We are taking too shallow breaths and not realizing the health benefits derived from proper breathing. When we are very young we breathe using our diaphragm and we breathe slowly and effortlessly. (Check a sleeping baby and you […]

What Are Some Reasons To Contact Your Car Insurance Agent?

When you have car insurance there are various reasons why you will want to contact your agent. Some of these reasons may be: You have been involved in an accident. You will want to contact your agent right away to file a claim. The agent should be able to give you some guidance. Someone has […]

What You Need To Know About Starting A Food Truck

Food trucks bring food to the customer. Starting in the food industry with a food truck is much less expensive then opening a restaurant. At one time food trucks provided plain foods like burgers and hot dogs. Now the industry has grown and food trucks provide much more varied foods. Some food trucks even feature […]

Can Your Employer Reduce Your Pay?

Most of us are employees who were hired at will. This means you have no formal employment contract or are not covered by a union bargaining agreement. At will employees may have their hours or pay reduced or may be terminated at will by the employer.. The usual reason why an employer will lower salaries […]

How To Work From Home Effectively

More and more people are working remotely at home instead of commuting to the office or are conducting their own home business. Working from home has advantages. You don’t have to commute and you can set your own dress code and work hours. In order for you to succeed when working from home you need […]

What Are Some Retirement Planning Mistakes One Should Avoid?

Although it is hard for a young person starting out in business to contemplate retirement that is the ideal time to begin planning for your future. The years pass quickly and the earlier you start retirement planning the more comfortable and secure you should be when you retire. Take advantage of the 401(k) or similar […]

Can Introverts Be Great Leaders?

  Introverts usually shun the spotlight and do not seek to lead. However, if they find themselves in a leadership position they can be great leaders. Consider that leaders such as Bill Gates, Albert Einstein, Warren Buffett, Abraham Lincoln and Eleanor Roosevelt can all be identified as introverts. People who are introverts are often misunderstood. […]

What Are Some Of The Sources Of Inflammation In Humans?

The human body has a natural response to something foreign invading the body’s systems. This defense is known as inflammation. The body is attacking the foreign invader in an attempt to get rid of it. There are many factors which can trigger an inflammatory response in the body. Everyone recognizes an inflammatory response to an […]