Archives for January 13, 2016

Ladies, Here’s How To Wash Your Hair Correctly!

We all wash our hair. The question is are we washing our hair correctly? The way you wash your hair can make a big difference in the way your hair looks. Properly washing your hair may leave you with silky shiny tresses. Washing your hair the wrong way may make it appear dull and lifeless. […]

The Top 6 Ways To Overcome Stomach Bloat

  When we feel bloated we feel rotten. Our clothes don’t seem to fit and we feel out of sorts all day. We wonder what has caused this miserable feeling and we want to get rid of it and keep the bloat from coming back. Sometimes being bloated is the result of water retention. This […]

Google No More: The Top 6 Alternatives to Google’s Search Engine

Most of us have the habit of going to Google when using a search engine. There are good alternatives available and you might want to check them out if you haven’t already used them. Bing may be the second most popular search engine today. It is Microsoft’s search engine. Formerly the Microsoft’s search engine was […]

Top 8 Anti-Aging Tips To Boost Your Longevity

Living a long productive life takes some planning and effort beginning in our young adult years and continuing for our lifetime. You need to develop a healthy lifestyle that will help promote longevity and help slow the aging process. The earlier you start protecting your health the better. Here are eight tips you might follow […]