Archives for March 9, 2016

Fact Or Fiction: Do Muscles Turn To Fat When You Stop Exercising?

If you are someone who exercises regularly you have probably been warned more than once by a well meaning person that when you stop exercising your muscles will turn to fat. Actually, this is not true it is fiction or possibly an old wives tale. Muscle tissue and fat are two different things. Muscle cannot […]

3 Important Medical Tests Women In Their 30s Should Have

    When you are a young woman in your late teens or twenties you think you are invincible. You have more important things to think about than medical screenings. Hopefully in your twenties you will at least have an annual Pap test to screen for cervix abnormalities. Hopefully you will have screenings for any […]

Hey Girl, Does Your Haircut Make You Look Less Attractive?

  We all know that when we have a flattering haircut we feel good and feel more attractive and confident. The wrong type haircut can make us feel dowdy and frumpy since we think we look unattractive. You should not find a picture of a model or actress and decide you must have that haircut. […]

Hey, Stop Paying These 3 Silly Banking Fees Today!

Banks have become almost as bad as airlines when it comes to charging fees for everything and anything. You can avoid paying some of these fees if you are careful do a little planning. Overdraft fees – Overdraft fees are probably the most often charged fee by a bank. When your checking account is low […]

5 Annoying Female Health Issues – How To Alleviate Them

It’s enough to worry about the serious health problems such as cancer, kidney or heart problems. We know with a serious health problem we need the expert guidance of a health care professional. There are other minor health problems which women experience. These nuisance health problems may not require a trip to the medical office. […]