5 Essential Apps For Busy Lawyers

on_computerLawyers are usually very busy people. Anything that can make their work load more manageable is appreciated. Instead of searching many legal books there are apps which can provide much of the information needed by these lawyers.

There are many apps available which can help the lawyer work more efficiently and be more productive. Here are just five available apps. There are many more apps you will find helpful. Prices for the apps have varying prices. For some of the apps there is no charge will for others there is a moderate price tag.

  1. TimePage is a useful app. It will help you manage your time and schedule your appointments. With TimePage your calendar is displayed for an entire day, week or month in a format which is easy to read. In addition to your schedule TimePage will provide the weather at each of your appointment locations. If you have nothing scheduled for a specific day the app will display what happened in history on that particular day. TimePage works across ICloud, Microsoft Exchange and Google. An Apple Watch app is also included.
  2. Billable hours are extremely important to a lawyer’s bottom line. With TimeMaster this task can be much easier and efficient. You manually input the time spent for your client’s benefit. You can input that information to your IPhone or IPad. You can enter the pertinent information by client with sub categories for tasks and projects. The app can round the time by either the hour, minute or second. Expenses can also be tracked with the app and linked to the billing account of the client.

invoicing_apps_iphone_5s_hero_updated_fixed3. Every lawyer will need to refer to the law dictionary from time to time. There is a Barron’s Law Dictionary app which will give you access to 3,000 legal terms. The terms are defined clearly and the app will even assist with some audible pronunciation.

4. You cannot tote a bunch of law books around, but you can carry lots of information on your IPhone, IPad or IPad Touch with LawLibe. This app will give access to information on the U.S. Constitution and the Federal Regulation Codes as well as State statues and patent information.   State law for California, New York and Texas is also included.

5. During a trial you will find TrialPad is a very helpful app. It can be used on the IPad. TrialPad allows you to easily access documents. You can also zoom in on evidence and play videos. With this app you can formulate side by side comparison charts. Using the TrialPad may allow you to eliminate the need to purchase more expensive desktop software and will put the needed information at your fingertips.

These are just a few of the apps available for the busy lawyer. There are many additional apps available which can be helpful and make your workload easier, more efficient and a little less stressful.