5 Ways To Become A Networking Ninja

data2Whether you are an entrepreneur or someone employed by a business, networking should be an important part of your business and work strategy.

If you have your own business, networking will help you grow that business, develop valuable business contacts and perhaps engage in a partnership with someone you meet. When you are employed by a company networking can help you advance. If you are in sales it can increase your revenue. A good network is invaluable if you need to look for new employment. You may already be familiar with someone who will offer you a position.

Here are five tips which will help you become more successful at networking.

  1. Plan to attend meetings especially for those with similar business interests. There you can make some new contacts and develop some new business relationships. If there is someone in particular you want to meet do some research first. This way you will have an idea of this person’s business interests and so you will have some idea of how to engage this person in a conversation.

If you are employed by a large company develop a network among other employees in various areas of the business.

  1. If you are a bit of a introvert you may find networking daunting at first. You need to build your confidence so you will be comfortable walking up to someone new and beginning a conversation. If is helpful if the other person begins a conversation and you can listen and then join in.
  2. When you are attempting to network online occasionally you may find some rejection. This does not normally happen when you network in person. When you are attending a meeting do not worry about someone walking away from your conversation. These people are professionals and are just as interested in making new contacts as you are.

 4. Make sure you know what you want to convey when you go into a networking situation. Feeling secure in your topic will give you a feeling of confidence you will project to others.

5. If you are just starting to build a network you may want to try Linkedin. This is an easy way to grow your network. Once you create your Linkedin profile you will receive many connection requests. You want to be careful about the people with whom you agree to a connection. Some requests for a connection will just be a waste of your time. Other connection requests may be of benefit to you.

Networking is more than simply working the room at a business conference or engaging online with a possible business associate. Networking gives you some insight into the other person outside the context of his business.

Networking can even occur when you engage with others in a social situation.

If you want to achieve more success in your business it is important that you build a network of contacts you trust and contacts whose business interests and yours are mutually beneficial.