8 Ways Hackers Can Obtain Your Passwords

Password1Identity theft is a huge concern for most people. If a hacker obtains your password and violates your accounts it will take many stressful days and weeks or even months for you to correct the mess. Hacking into your accounts and obtaining your passwords is easier than you think. There are hundreds of ways and many techniques hackers can use to get your information.

Here are just a few ways hackers are able to get your password and raise havoc with your financial life.

  1. You can be hacked through no fault of your own. If the information is hacked at a company you use then chances are the hacker has your information. This information may include your password. As soon as you learn your account may have fallen victim of a mass attack change your password and monitor your accounts closely for any unauthorized transactions.
  2. When you use a password that a hacker can predict you are open to trouble. Hackers can guess that your password might be the name of your spouse or child. This information is very easy to obtain. You don’t want to use a password that is too short and easy. The more complicated your password, the safer your information. Develop a password with about ten characters. Use a combination of symbols, numbers and letters, both upper and lower case.
  3. Its easy for someone to get your password if you are careless enough to have it written down and pasted to your computer or stuck in a desk drawer. If you cannot remember your passwords us e an encrypted file to store them.

Backlit keyboard4. If your computer becomes infected with malware a hacker can read your keystrokes and get your passwords. Remove any viruses and change passwords to be safer.

5. When using public WI FI in someplace like a coffee shop be careful. Hackers set up phony WI FI and if you are not careful you can connect to the phony site and the hacker can monitor your computer and perhaps get your passwords.

6. Hackers may obtain your password simply by trying various popular passwords till they hit the right one. This is not as difficult as it may sound. There is software available which helps the hacker go through every commonly used password in just a few days.

8. Never give information to someone who phones you and says they represent a company you already do business with and trust. It can be a hacker trying to obtain your information so they can invade your accounts.

9. Hackers will try phishing to get your information. You may get an e mail or pop-up telling you some information is required for one of your existing accounts. You’ll be asked to click on a link. Once you click that link and put in your information it is in the hands of the hacker. Never click on links that say you need to provide some information even if they say it is an emergency and even if they say they represent your bank or some other company where you do business.