9 Handy Tips To Ask Your Boss To Work From Home More Often

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With the technology today its possible for more and more employees to work from home. Many companies already have a work from home policy while other companies do not.

You need to be sure your job is one that can be accomplished offsite before you suggest working from home.

If you want to be permitted to do some of your work from home here are some tips you might find helpful when approaching your boss with the idea.

  1. When you talk with your supervisor have a definite plan to present. Let your supervisor know what technology you have available that will permit you to perform your work projects from home.
  2. Explain to your supervisor how working from home can enable you to be a benefit to the company. With less distractions at home you should be able to accomplish projects in a more timely fashion.
  3. When discussing the prospect of working at home be flexible. There may be certain times when it will be necessary for you to be at the workplace. You may need to be present at work during peak periods, but able to work from home during slack periods.
  4. You need to point out that even though you are working from home other employees will be able to be in contact with you when necessary. You need to continue to be a part of the office team. Communication can be done via Skype, email, IM, texts or phone calls, etc.

TB_LaurenBerger_201403165. If you are allowed to work from home you will be able to work even when roads are impossible because of heavy snow or flooding.

6. Working from home you will be able to function even though you may not feel well enough to go out and into the workplace.

7. The company can save some money when you are permitted to do some of your work at home.

8. If you have associates or customers you can only contact at odd hours you probably already are doing this from home. Point out to your supervisor how well this has worked. Since you have been successful with these contacts he may feel more comfortable about you working from home.

9. Suggest a trial period for working from home. Perhaps you can be assigned a project to complete which has an important deadline. When you successfully accomplish this task the boss may think more positively about telecommuting.

If your company is not already permitting employees to telecommute your supervisor will probably not be able to give you a definite answer until he consults with Human Resources. It will help him to make the case for you if he has your well defined written plan outlining the benefits of working from home to present to them. Be sure the plan details how telecommuting can benefit the company as well as the employee.