A Few Tips For The Single Parent

Being a parent has never been easy.  It is even harder and more complicated for the single parent.

If you are a new single parent you may feel overwhelmed.  Just consider one step at a time and everything will eventually fall into place.

You probably will need to work full time so child care may be number one on your priority list.  If you have a trusted family member or friend willing to care for your child or children that’s great.  Most single parents are not that lucky.

Ask your friends and co-workers for recommendations for child care facilities or an in home babysitter.  Then do your homework,.  Check out the person and place and check their reputation and references.  Be sure the child care  you are considering is affordable for you and will meet your needs and the needs of your child.

There will always be unexpected situations which will require someone to pitch hit caring  for your child.  Do you have someone available to cover such times?  Be sure to have contact information for these people readily available.

Even though you are busy with taking care of the home and working remember your child still needs time with you.  Try to have some meals as a family and try to do some things together with your child such as playing games, reading or just going for a walk at the mall or in the park.

Eventually you may want to meet someone for yourself.  Meeting new people as a single parent is not nearly as hard as it was in the past.  Now many businesses welcome children along with their parent.  Decide what type person you would like to meet and then go where they are.  It may be a church, health club, coffee house, etc.  It may even be a grocery store or playground.  Do not discount the chance meeting.  Of course, there are online dating services available.

There are now more single men and women who are parenting children alone and they may be looking for a single companion who also has a child.  There are also support groups and forums for single parents and this may be a good place to meet someone.

Today there are many single parent families and many more opportunities for them than ever before.