A Few Tips To Relieve Insomnia

When you are unable to get to sleep at night it is a miserable feeling.  You toss and turn and get up in the morning just as tired (if not more exhausted) than before you went to bed.

Millions of people suffer from insomnia.  There are some steps you can take to make insomnia less of a problem.

Some people resort to over the counter sleep medications while others seek prescription medication from their health care professional.  Sleep medication can have a big impact on your health.  It can also be expensive.

Perhaps you should consider some alternatives before you decide to take medicine to help you sleep.

Two of the biggest culprits causing insomnia are hormonal imbalance and stress.  The tips outlined below will help many people suffering from insomnia.  However, if your case is severe be sure to consult with your health care professional since a prescription and professional guidance may be needed for your case.

First try to stay as healthy as possible.  Make some form of exercise a part of your daily routine.  Do your exercising several hours before bedtime so your body is more ready for sleep.  Exercising too close to bedtime will make it harder to fall asleep.

To be healthy you need to eat a good diet. This means enjoying lean meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, beans, dairy, etc. and limiting the sugary starchy foods.  Eating healthy is important for your overall health, including the ability to sleep.   The better your health, the better you will sleep, Good sleep is a part of being healthy.  When you maintain a healthy lifestyle you will see a difference in your sleep habits and you will notice improvement in the way you feel.

If you worry about how much sleep you will be able to enjoy when you prepare for bed you are asking for a night with insomnia.  The surest way to have a bad night is to focus on your insomnia.   Instead, try to loosen up.  Being relaxed is important in beating insomnia.  If something is worrying you, or you are dwelling on a problem you need to solve, try to put these thoughts out of your mind when you prepare for sleep.  I know it is not going to be easy to do this, but it will be very helpful.  Often, when you do not dwell on a problem your subconscious will come up with a solution for your trouble as you sleep.  It will be just the opposite if you go to bed dwelling on your problem.  Your subconscious will work differently by trying to keep you awake to solve the problem bothering you. You want to do something which will help you unwind and rid yourself of the stresses from your day before you try to go to sleep.

There are many different techniques which can be used for relaxation.  There are audio tapes available that help guide you in using meditation to drift off into a relaxing deep sleep.  You can try deep breathing to relax your body.  To do this you inhale deeply through your nose, hold for a few seconds, and then exhale through your mouth.  You can also lie in bed and release the energy from your body letting your body melt right into your mattress.  Start releasing the energy from your toes, then your feet, ankles, calves, knees and so on all the way to the top of your head. When you do this you are letting go of the tensions from your day and you will find yourself drifting off into the restful sleep you want and need.