A Garage Sale Or A Yard Sale Is A Good Thing

When you live in suburbia garage sales and yard sales are a way of life.  These types of sales are great for bringing the communities together, for meeting new people, and for getting rid of the objects you no longer use or want that are cluttering up your space. Yard and garage sales can make money for the seller and they allow the buyer to purchase used merchandise at a much lower price than a new item.

There are any number of reasons why you hold a garage or yard sale.  Perhaps you need some extra cash, perhaps you just want to rid your home of some stuff, perhaps you want to meet people in the neighborhood or perhaps you like the thrill of haggling with a customer over price.

Collectors, bargain hunters and the curious are attracted to garage and yard sales.  They are looking for that item they want at a low price.  Your garage or yard sale can be either fun or it can be stressful.  It can be profitable or you can make no profit at all.

Everything depends on the merchandise you have for sale, how it is priced and how it is presented.  You need to give people what they want if you plan to make any sales and get rid of your clutter.  What they want is stuff that is decent and being sold for cheap prices.

Be sure each item is clearly marked with the asking price.  When you set your prices allow enough wiggle room to haggle the price with a customer who wants it cheaper.  Many customers of yard and garage sales feel they must haggle for the best price and they will not buy unless they can get you to come down in price.  So, when pricing your items keep this in mind.

There is an old saying that “one man’s junk is another man’s treasure”.  While this can be true, keep in mind that junk is junk and most likely no one is going to buy something that is just junk.

Be sure all the merchandise is clean and displayed in such a way that a customer will want to purchase it.

If you are selling anything electric have an outlet so the customer can test the merchandise.

If something is broken advise the customer that the item is defective and price it accordingly. There are times when someone is looking for parts from an item to repair a similar item they already own.  Sometimes people will surprise you with what they will purchase.

You will need to do some advertising to attract customers to your yard or garage sale.  You may want to run an ad in the local paper or post a notice at the local grocery store bulletin board or put a notice in the church bulletin.  If you post signs around town, be considerate and remove your signs after your event is over.

They are any number of reasons why people are attracted to yard and garage sales.  They may be looking for a particular item. They may be people who purchase from your sale and then resell the merchandise at their own yard or garage sale or at an online auction.  They may be your neighbors or they may be someone passing by who spots something of interest to them.  Whatever the reason, you can make some money from them if your merchandise is appealing and priced to sell.  You don’t want prospective customers to take one look at what  you are offering and then walk away empty handed.  You want prospective customers to see something they like so they walk away with items they truly want and can use.  This way you will make some money.