Advantage of Bioplastics


Bioplastics are products which are made from plant sources instead of from fossil fuel based materials.

Some bioplastics are biodegradable, but some are not. Likewise some petroleum based plastics are now made with additives which allow these products to breakdown while others do not. In either case it can take years for the regular plastic or bioplastic to breakdown.

There are some advantages to bioplastics. They are made from renewable sources such as soy, sugarcane, corn starch, potato starch and other plant sources rather than being made from petroleum as is regular plastic.

Less energy is used in the production of bioplastics than the energy needed to produce regular plastic.


Bioplastic containers do not contain harmful toxins.

Bioplastic containers may not alter the taste of the products they contain such as milk.

The bioplastic product may be clearer than regular plastic.

It may feel softer and less oily than the regular plastic.

Most bioplastics now are used for packaging materials

Some disadvantages of bioplastics may be that the plant sources used to make bioplastics may have been genetically modified and this may be a risk to the food supply. Large amounts of fertilizers may be used for growing the plants for bioplastics and this can harm our water and air.

Since biplastics are made from plant sources this may contribute to a rise in food prices.

Many bioplastics will breakdown in the environment as in a landfill.   These bioplastics will be marked as biodegradable or they may have a label indicating they are compostable which means they may also breakdown in a home compost pile. Other bioplastics will not breakdown in the environment and will need to be composted in an industrial composting facility which uses high humidity and heat or they may be recycled. These bioplastics are marked degradable.

As the petroleum supplies needed to produce regular plastics diminish the need for a product such as bioplastics which is made from renewable sources grows. In the future bioplastics may be used for various other products in addition to packaging products.