Advantages Of An MBA


Having an MBA (Masters in Business Administration) degree will give you an advantage over the person who has only your basic college degree.

Those who hold an MBA degree will usually start with a salary range approximately 10% higher than those college graduates with the basic degree.

Employers know that once you have completed your MBA program you will have learned the leadership skills needed to run a business.  You will be familiar with business plans, risk management, project management and marketing plans.  You will have been taught how to manage people.  You will have acquired a good working knowledge of the business world.  You will also have learned how to communicate.  A great deal of your success in the business world can depend on how well you are able to present yourself.

If you plan to establish your own business and be your own boss instead of being an employee for a company your MBA training will give  you insight into establishing  and growing your  business endeavor.  Your MBA training will give you a working knowledge of small business management and venture financing.


Obtaining your MBA will require a year or two of post graduate study in the practice and theory of business management.  Usually your class schedule can be pretty flexible.  You can take classes on either a full time or part time basis.  If you take classes on a part time basis you can continue your regular employment while you work toward your MBA.  You simply need to complete your MBA program within a 5 year period.

While studying for your MBA you will have exposure to many business leaders as the lecture your classes.  You will get to know many fellow students and develop long lasting business relationships.  Some the students you meet will go on to successful positions in the business community. You will develop an excellent networking group of people.  As an MBA graduate you will have entry into many business organizations which can open opportunities for career advancements.

With your MBA your prospects for a successful business career are very good.  You can use your knowledge just about anywhere and with your MBA degree you will have the edge over less qualified applicants when contemplating a career move.