Air Fryers and Convection Ovens 

The latest craze in cooking is the air fryer.  These appliances allow you to cook food crisp while using little or no oil.  The hot air circulation in the air fryer gives the needed amount of heat to cook food evenly. 

What a minute you may be thinking.  Convection ovens also cook using hot air circulation to evenly cook food and you can air fry in a convection oven too.  So, what’s the difference between an air fryer and a convection oven? 

Both the air fryer and the convection oven use hot air circulation. They both have fans which produce the hot air and send the air flow throughout the oven. 

In a convection oven you can cook almost anything.  You may want to add a little oil when cooking some meats or you can simply let the meet cook in its own natural juices.  You can cook small turkeys, roasts, hams, and other larger types of meat.  You can cook fish, bake cakes, pies, puddings or rolls.  You can broil steaks.  You can cook a family size casserole in the convection oven.  These are just some of the ways you can use your convection oven. 

If you are looking for a healthy way to cook, the convection oven is healthy.  However, the air fryer may just be a little healthier way to cook. 

Most air fryers do not require any oil to cook.  An air fryer can reach a higher temperature than the convection oven making the cooking time faster so you preserve the healthy nutrients in your food that may be lost to slower cooking. 

Air fryers are smaller than the convection oven. They are about the size of a large coffee maker.  Most convection ovens, with the exception of the countertop toaster convection ovens, are too large to sit on a kitchen counter.  The air fryer is small enough to stay on your kitchen counter and not take up too much room. 

Most air fryers have a drawer where you place the food to be cooked.  Some air fryers have deep drawers which allows you to cook a large amount of food, but they won’t accommodate large roasts, etc.  

The air fryer may make your food more crispy than cooking in the convection oven.  

Air fryers are easy to clean.  With air fryers with non-stick surfaces you simply wipe the surface clean.  Many air fryers have dish washer safe parts.  On the other hand, a convection oven is harder to clean and if you have a build-up of drips and stains it can be very hard to get rid of them. 

Whether you chose an air fryer, or a convection oven depends on what you plan to cook.  If you want to cook fried food with less oil in a short time then the air fryer might be what you want.  If you want to cook large amounts of food, then you may be better off with a convection oven.  

If you take proper care of your air fryer or your convection oven it should last several years.  The price range for air fryers and small convection ovens is similar.  Of course, larger convection ovens will be more expensive.