All About Pet Sitting


When you need to be away from your pet you need someone to care for him.  Of course, you always have the option of boarding a pet.  However, pets will be much happier in their own home environment.  They also will not be exposed to any illnesses they may contract at a boarding facility housing multiple pets.

As an alternative to boarding, you might want to consider a pet sitter.  The pet sitter can provide loving care for your pet in your home environment where he feels most secure.  The pet sitter will follow the schedule provided by you for the feeding and exercising of your pet.  If your pet requires any routine medical treatment the pet sitter will provide it following your instructions.  Your pet will be much more comfortable at  home if he has mobility problems.  Your pet will be given the personal attention he is used to receiving.  You will not have to subject your pet to the trauma of traveling.

When you hire a pet sitter you can feel confident your pet is being properly cared for in your absence.  You don’t have to rely on your friends, neighbors or family to come in and care for your pet.

When you hire a professional pet sitter often they are licensed and insured for liability and bonded and insured for theft.  A professional pet sitter usually has training and may have been accredited for pet sitting and may be certified in pet first aid.


You want to interview a potential pet sitter and introduce the sitter to your pet before you make the decision to hire the pet sitter.  Be sure to ask for and check the references of the potential pet sitter.

Pet sitters can provide different services.  If  you are going on vacation the pet sitter can visit your home several time a day.  You can decide how often the pet sitter should come and how long they should stay to feed, interact and provide any services your pet may require.  If you are using a pet sitter while on vacation the pet sitter will usually bill you on a daily basis.  He also may bill you for any travel expenses or other expenses incurred.   Some pet sitters will also be available for house sitting services while you are away on vacation.

You can also hire a pet sitter to walk your dog if your are unable or unwilling to do so. For dog walking or occasional hourly services the pet sitter may charge somewhere around $15 per hour or they may bill you on a per visit basis.

If you are in need of someone to care for your pet in your absence you might want to seriously consider using the services of a pet sitter.  You can have peace of mind knowing your pet is receiving the loving care and attention he deserves.