All About The South Beach Diet


The South Beach Diet is a lower carb plan said to promote healthy eating whether your goal is to lose weight or just improve your health.  The plan was created in 2003 by cardiologist Arthur Agatston.  If you want to lose weight and follow the plan you will succeed..

There are three phases to the South Beach diet plan.

In phase 1 you eliminate most carbohydrates from your diet.  You eliminate alcohol.  You will eat lean protein, high fiber vegetables, low fat dairy and unsaturated fats.  Phase 1 will last 2 weeks.  It is meant to eliminate your cravings for starchy foods and foods high in sugars.

Phase 2 is the phase for long term weight loss.  During this phase you add some whole grains, fruits and additional vegetables to the foods allowed in phase 1.


After you have reached your goal weight you go into phase 3 which is the maintenance phase.  Here you may eat all types of foods in moderation following the principles for healthy eating you learned in the first two phases of the plan.

On the South Beach diet you eat three meals per day plus 2 snacks.  You can also eat one high protein dessert.

You do not need to count calories or carbohydrates or fat grams.

There do not appear to be any serious side effects from following the South Beach plan.  The plan provides adequate daily protein and fiber amounts, but it falls short of the recommended daily amount of carbohydrates and salt.  Fat is a little higher then the recommended amount during phase 1, but is back in line with daily recommendations during phase 2.  The plan is said to provide the daily necessary nutrient requirements so a vitamin supplement is not necessary.

You may find the restrictions hard to follow.  Some willpower will be required to eliminate the foods you cannot eat such as white bread, bagels or potatoes or some fruits which are high in sugar like pineapple.

There are South Beach frozen meals available at the super marker when you don’t feel like cooking.  It helps to start your lunch or dinner with a salad.

With the South Beach program exercise is encourage every day.  You will alternate between interval walking one day and a body workout the next day.

It is probably best to purchase the book by Dr. Agatston so you can follow the South Beach diet plan as outlined.  You may want to join the online site for the diet which charges a nominal monthly fee.  Here you can get customized tools to help with your program including shopping lists, recipes and a newsletter and message boards.

You may want to try the South Beach diet if your are interested in a program which will help you lose the unwanted weight and change your overall eating habits.  A program you can continue for your lifetime.