Are Mindfulness And Meditation The Same Thing?


Many folks use the terms mindfulness and meditation interchangeably. This is not quite the case.

Mindfulness is being aware of the moment, accepting it and not passing judgment. Meditation is the exercise you perform to become better at mindfulness. Meditation is looking deeply inward.

When you are mindful you are completely aware of the present. Your mind is not dwelling on things in the past or worrying what might occur in the future. It is not thinking of a looming project, but concentrating on the here and now, It is not trying to run in too many directions at once. It is not mindlessly doing something such as eating in front of the TV. It is not getting irritated with yourself because your mind is in a state of disarray. It is not feeling you are being pulled in several direction at one time because you have taken on too many projects at one time. A state of mindfulness is the exact opposite of these things. If gives you a feeling of peace and acceptance. You are not trying to change the experience, but are observing the moment without any criticism and while making no judgment.

People who experience more mindfulness are better able to respond to conflicts, deal more constructively with stress and may be better able to maintain relationships.

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Mindfulness helps people keep from focusing on negative thoughts and diminishes anxiety over things which may occur in the future. Mindfulness may help those with chronic illness handle daily stress better.

When you are in a deep form of mindfulness you are aware only of that project. Perhaps you are playing an instrument or engaged in a sport. Your entire being is devoted to that experience at that moment and you are not concerned with other things.

You can be mindful at any time regardless of what activity you are doing. You want to notice the sounds and sights of your environment and be aware of your present mood and feelings.

When you engage in meditation you need to learn to focus. It really is not important what you focus on. Concentrate on an object. After you are comfortable concentrating on an object for a period of time try switching your concentration so you can focus without the need for a focal point. After awhile your attention should evolve into a state where you are in meditation. You really cannot describe meditation in words, but you will recognize it when you are there.

You will eventually experience meditation if you practice mindfulness.