Are There Times When Turning Down A Promotion Is Actually The Best Choice?

noMost of the time an employee is thrilled when offered a promotion. Usually the employee is eager to accept the new position. There are, however, times when accepting a promotion may not be right for you.

Perhaps you do not feel you are ready to move into the new position. Perhaps you are currently in a sales position and you are very successful at what you are doing. You may feel moving into a supervisory position is simply not right for you at this time.

If this is the case you want to explain to management that you do not feel ready at this time for the supervisory position. You can let your supervisor know that at the present time you feel you are more valuable to the company in your present position.

You want to leave the door open to the possibility of a promotion sometime in the future if the opportunity arises.

No one should accept a promotion if they feel they are not ready to handle the increased responsibilities associated with the position. If you accept a promotion for which you do not feel qualified you will most likely fail.

You need to follow your intuition. If that little voice inside you tells you not to take the position you should listen to it. There is likely some reason why you and the new position will not be a good fit.

You probably do not want to accept a position if it will have a negative effect on your personal life. Perhaps the new position requires very long hours, a good deal of traveling away from home, or moving to another state. You want to weigh the new position against your families needs before making your decision.

Respond-when-a-Promotion-Is-Rejected-Step-8If the promotion is for a position you truly have no interest in doing, but the money is great, you should skip the promotion. The job you don’t like can’t last a long time. You will become used to more money in a very short time and still be stuck in a miserable job.

If you are offered a promotion to a position that is inconsistent with your own values you should probably pass on that promotion.

You don’t want to accept a promotion to a position or a department where there is no more potential for growth. You don’t want to be stuck in a dead end position for years.

If the promotion you are offered is for a position lacking support from senior management you may want to pass on the offer. In order to get the projects accomplished you will need the support of those in positions above you.

When you turn down a promotion you may have second thoughts about whether it was the best move. Hopefully, if you have been honest and tactful when declining the offer of a promotion you will still be eligible for a promotion sometime in the future. At that time you may feel more qualified to accept a promotion or the position offered may be better suited to your talents and interests.