Best And Worst Countries For Medical Tourism


Medical tourism has become popular as a way to save money for some medical procedures. This is especially attractive for those who are either not covered by insurance or who want a procedure outside the insurance coverage benefits.

It’s hard to determine which countries are best or worst for medical tourism. This is because most countries that are popular for medical tourism have facilities which provide good medical treatment and have accredited physicians and hospitals. These same countries also have people performing medical procedures in sub standard facilities and with sub standard medical training and personnel.

If you are considering having a medical procedure abroad do not try to determine a facility on your own by searching the internet. You will probably be safer if you go through a reputable medical tourism company or organization which knows the quality of the medical procedures being done as well as the medical accreditation of the facility and staff.

Surgeons in both the United States and Australia have stated they have corrected many problems in patients who have undergone treatment abroad for various types of surgery.

Countries which are popular for medical tourism include India which may offer the best in quality and care.

Mexico is popular for dental work and for bariatic and weight management. It has several American accredited hospitals.

Germany is popular for medical tourism and has expertise in medical technology while maintaining high safety standards for treatments.


Brazil maintains a high quality of care and is popular for cosmetic surgeries.

Singapore is very popular because of its high ranking with the World Health Organization. Cancer treatment and care is what Singapore is known for best.

Other popular medical tourism destinations include Costa Rica, Columbia, Thailand, Malaysia, Borneo and Sri Lanka.

One of the worst results of medical tourism was a woman from Australia who went to Singapore for cosmetic surgery. She found this plastic surgeon through an advertisement in a magazine. She did not go through a reputable medical tourism company.

The cost for the procedure was about half what it would have been at home. However, the surgery was not a success. A damaged facial nerve caused one side of her face to collapse and the other side developed a hematoma as the result of hair left under the skin. At home it took several surgeries to repair the damage and the cost was much more than the original surgery done at home would have cost. It took many months before she felt comfortable appearing in public.

At a non-certified clinic in Brazil a woman was given anesthesia for a liposuction procedure and went into cardiac arrest. The clinic was able to revive her with a heart massage. She was one of the lucky ones.

If you are considering medical tourism you are likely safer using the medical tourism companies and having the procedure done by an accredited physician in an accredited facility. When you are undergoing surgery you do not want to take a chance with an unknown medical facility and staff. Just because a country is known for safe expert medical services it does not mean everyone in that country advertising their medical.