Bioplasty Advantage


Bioplasty is a relatively new type of plastic surgery which is done without any cuts. The procedure was started in Brazil. It is very popular with people from all over the world who depend on their good looks.

Bioplasty is done by a qualified cosmetic surgeon. A substance known as PMMA is injected close to the bone and then molded to obtain the desired results. PMMA can also be placed in fat tissues and muscle. The PMMA will react with the tissue or muscle and become a part of them.

Bioplasty may be used for the face or for the body.

The PMMA is available in 3 concentrations and the surgeon uses the concentration that will give the desired results for the procedure he is performing.

For the face it may be used to recover beauty that has been lost because of the aging process. It can help restore wrinkling and sagging skin. It may also be used to enhance a weak jaw line, define cheeks and refine the nose and chin and plump thin lips.


As you age and your skin thins your hands begin to show veins and tendons making the hands look old. Bioplasty can add volume to the skin reducing the appearance of the tendons and veins thus making the hands appear younger.

Bioplasty is often used for the enhancement of the buttock. It is sometimes referred to as either the Brazilian Butt Augmentation or the Brazilian Butt Lift. The buttock is enhanced to improve definition, shape and firmness. Bioplasty is not to be used simply to augment the buttock size without regard to safety and harmony with the individual’s body shape,

Since there are no cuts the patient can return almost immediately to his normal routine after bioplasty. There will be a small tape over the tiny puncture which stays on for about 2 days. There may be some swelling or bruising and this will disappear in a few days.

Bioplalsty has low risks and gives good results and has become well accepted. As with any procedure you should consult with your health care professional before undergoing treatment.