Brew A Perfect Cup Of Coffee

The perfect cup of coffee is the one you like best.  A perfect brew will vary from individual to individual.

There are several things that go into the making of a perfect cup of coffee.  These are the quality of the coffee bean and the quality of the water used to make the coffee.  The flavor and quality of your coffee will depend on the brewing process you use and the type of coffee you choose.

You want your coffee maker, your coffee grinder and your filters to be clean each time you brew a pot of coffee.  It’s a good idea to wash your coffee maker with hot water after each use and dry it.  This way you will be ready when you decide to brew a new pot of coffee.

You will get the best cup of coffee if your coffee beans are fresh.  Try to purchase your coffee beans as soon as possible after they have been roasted.  Only purchase small quantities so the beans you use will still be fresh.  Grind your beans just before you plan to use them to make your coffee.   You should never try to reuse your old coffee grounds.  Once they have been used their good flavor is gone and you are left with only the bitter flavor.

If you are using tap water let it run for a few seconds before using.  Always use cold water to make your coffee.  If your tap water is not good or has a strong taste of chlorine use either filtered or bottled water in place of the tap water.

Coffee is made by hot water passing over the crushed coffee beans.  For a perfect cup of coffee you need to understand how long the water should be passing over the beans.

The coarseness of the coffee grind relates directly to the soaking time.  The smaller coffee grind needs less contact with the water and the coarser grinds need longer contact.

For example, espresso coffee is made using extremely fine grind coffee since the coffee is only exposed to water for 20-40 seconds.  It can take as much as 4 minutes for the French press coffee maker and so this uses a very coarse grind.

If the water is in contact with the coffee grind too long for the grind size, the coffee may taste bitter since unwanted extracts will emerge.

Follow the instructions for the coffee maker you are using.  As a general rule you want to add one to two tablespoons for every six ounces of water.  You need to adjust this to your individual taste.

Filters play an important role in the balance between over and under brewing your coffee.  The filters keep the grinds out of your coffee cup and they also control how fast the water passes over the grinds.  Paper filters are the most common.  These filters work very well, but they do absorb some of the coffee flavor.  Some people say they can taste the paper in their brewed coffee.  Metal filters are also available.  These are usually made of stainless steel or gold plated mesh.  The metal filters do not alter the taste of the coffee at all.  These filters are washed after each use and then used over again so they are more environmentally friendly than the paper alternatives.

Brewing a great cup of coffee is not hard.  It may take some experimentation to determine the proper amount of coffee grind, water and brewing time to obtain just the perfect cup of coffee for you to enjoy.jw2