Burial Or Cremation

cremationIf you have not already pre-planned your funeral you need to let your loved ones know of  your wishes for the disposal of  your body after death.  There are several options available.

You may chose a traditional earth burial.  You may prefer an entombment.  You may want a green burial or you may opt for cremation.

With the traditional earth burial the intact body within a casket is placed in the ground and covered with earth.  This is usually in a cemetery.  The grave is identified with a marker or gravestone.

If you do not want to be buried in the ground you can be entombed above ground.  The casket with the intact body is placed in a crypt or tomb and then this enclosure is sealed.  A marker may be attached to the enclosure.  Crypts are usually in a building known as a mausoleum.  Most cemeteries have these above ground facilities for entombment.

In recent years green  burials have become available.  With the green burial the body is not embalmed with any chemicals.  Clothing  on the deceased’s body is sustainable biodegradable. The casket is made of non-toxic biodegradable materials.  There are no standing grane stones or markers in a green cemetery. Instead the trees and rocks will be

the grave markers.  The green cemetery is a totally natural environment.  The grave for a green burial may be dug by hand to avoid damage to the environment from heavy equipment.

Cremation is the alternate to burial.  With cremation the body is subjected to intense heat and is reduced to ashes and bone fragments.  Cremations have become much more popular in recent years and have become a more acceptable option,  If you opt for cremation you may still have a visitation with the body present before it is cremated.  There are caskets made to be used during a cremation or you may rent a casket to be used during a viewing. You may prefer to have a gathering either with or without the presence of the cremated remains instead of a viewing.

After cremation the cremated remains can be placed in an urn.  There is a huge selection of urns available.  There are also remembrance jewelry items where a small amount of the remains is placed in a tiny receptable for a loved one to have and be able to wear.

The urn or other receptacle contain the cremated remains may be buried or entombed.  Some families keep the urns at home.  Other families may scatter the remains.  There are specific gardens for the purpose of scattering remains and there you may have a  plaque placed in the garden.  You may want to create a memorial garden in your own yard or you may scatter the cremains in a natural environment or the ocean.  If this is your plan you need to follow any rules and regulations in your area dealing with the scattering of ashes.

Whatever you choose either burial or cremation you will want to have a funeral service or a memorial service for the deceased.