Buying An Espresso Machine

If you have decided it’s time to stop running out to your favorite coffee shop for espresso and instead make your own espresso at home, here are a few things to consider.  Espresso machines come in a variety of types and with a wide array of prices.  It may not be necessary for you to purchase the most expensive machine available to get the cup of espresso you like.  There are basic machines developed for home use all the way up to the professional top of the line espresso machine costing hundreds or thousands of dollars.  You want to consider your options.  What do you really want from the espresso machine you purchase.  If you feel the top of the line machine is what you need, but are shocked at the price, consider how much you have been spending to purchase your espresso from the coffee shop.  You will not be paying those high prices when you make the espresso yourself.

Each of the various types of espresso machines comes with different capabilities and a different price tag.

Purchase the machine that will fit your needs and not necessarily a machine that is labeled the best.

The piston espresso is great if you are looking for a low maintenance expresso machine.  These machines run on a piston or lever system.  They do not use a pump to create the pressure.  A lever must be maneuvered to create steam.  You will need some strength in your arm to continually pull on the lever.  These machines are very quiet and can make a great cup of espresso.  It will probably take some practice before you become expert at the process of making your espresso using the piston type espresso machine.

The pump espresso is probably what you will find in coffee shops.  This type machine is usually made for commercial establishments, but can be used in the home.  If you are looking to purchase a pump

expresso machine be prepared to pay a good amount as this type machine is usually the most expensive.

The upside is that the pump machine will make a fantastic cup of espresso.  The downside is that these machines are not only the most expensive they are also the largest, noisiest and heaviest of the options.  The pump machines work by using a pump to keep the water pressure at the appropriate level.

The steam espresso machine is the one typically found in the home.  These machines use steam to create pressure to make the espresso.  The steam espresso machines are smaller, cost less money and take up less space.  They are quick and easy to use.  The steam level will need to be constantly maintained since the steam produced by the machine may not always provide the appropriate level of pressure.

The moka pot is a stovetop method of making espresso.  The final product is likely to be less than professional, but the moka pot is simple and easy to use.  These are specially designed two-part pots.  The water boiling in the bottom of the pot is forced into the top part of the pot where the coffee is boiling.  The moka pot requires much less pressure than the other types of espresso machines.  However, there is no foaming attachment or milk frothing.  This type pot may be attractive to you if you are willing to forgo these features in exchange for the price and size.

You can enjoy a cup of espresso at home using any of these types of machines.  The one you choose should be based on your need, the price, the size and the usability.  You want to purchase a machine that will fulfill your needs, not necessarily the most expensive machine available.