Buying RV Insurance

rvJust having an automobile insurance coverage policy is not sufficient to protect your recreational vehicle.  Owning an RV whether it be a truck camper, pop-up or any other type recreational vehicle requires special insurance coverage.  Choosing the right coverage for your RV can be stressful.  You want to take into account how and how often you will use  your RV.  You need to take into account the liabilities and risks associated with owning and operating an RV.

Your RV policy needs to cover the possessions inside your RV.  It also needs to have premiums that take into account how often and where you may use your RV.  You need to carry enough liability coverage to protect you in the unfortunate event of an accident or other incident such as vandalism, fire or theft which may damage your RV.  Medical expenses and lost wages can very quickly add up and may exceed your coverage limits.  If you have insufficient liability coverage you may have a substantial financial loss.

You want to keep in mind that insurance for an RV is a specialized product and you will be better off in the long run dealing with a company specializing in this type insurance coverage.  This is not the time to simply purchase any policy because the premium is low.  You need coverage that will provide for your needs.  Compare various prices and services provided by several companies.  Check their customer reviews on line to be sure there are not a number of complaints.

You may be able to obtain a discount on your premiums by combining your RV coverage with your car insurance coverage or home owners coverage.  If you have safety and/or security devices installed on your RV this may qualify for a premium discount.  If your RV is regularly kept in a storage unit and only used occasionally this may reduce your rate and, of course, your premium will be lower if you have a safe, clean driving record.

Consult with your insurance agent to determine what insurance is right for your situation.