Buzzing Fork: A New Approach to Weight Loss

forkEveryone who is overweight and trying to diet is looking for help and/or guidance in one form or another.  Coming onto the market later this year is the Hapifork by Hapilabs.  This neat little item lets the dieter know if they are eating too fast.  Eating too much is often the result of eating too fast.

Eating more slowly is a concept supported by the medical community and Hapifork addresses this issue. One of the biggest problems for the overweight person is that they eat too fast.  Eating too fast  does not let your body know you have had enough food which leads to weight gain and digestive problems such as gastric reflux.  If you unconsciously eat too fast the Hapifork will help you to recognize the problem.  This electronic fork has an LED light on the handle that will go on and the fork will give off a slight buzz to warn you to slow down.

In addition to monitoring the speed at which you eat the fork also measures the length of time it takes for you to eat a meal and the amount of food you consume per minute on average. It monitors how many times you used your fork for the meal.

You can track your progress with the fork either online or on a mobile app.  The Hapifork also comes with a 2l day coaching program and social interactive game.  The cost for the Hapifork is approximately $99.  The Hapifork comes in five colors, Blue, green, black, white and pink.

The Hapifork is dishwasher safe if you remove the electronic key before putting it in the dishwasher.  It will survive a fall from table height.

Hapifork is a safe, effective way to learn healthier eating.  The Hapifork has not side effects.  It might be just the item you need to lose weight and have a healthier life.

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