Camping Gear

When you are planning to go on a camping trip there are lots of things you will need to consider and take with you.  If this is your first time going on a camping trip you will need to supply yourself with some camping gear and pack some camping supplies.  Camping gear usually refers to the items of camping equipment while camping supplies usually refers to things such as clothing and food.

The camping supplies you carry depend on your individual preferences.  You should know what clothing you need and what type and amount of food you want to take.

When it comes to camping gear, if you are new to camping you may not be too sure what is going to be needed.  One of the most common pieces of camping equipment is a tent.  You want a tent that is sturdy, waterproof, strong and dependable.  If you are responsible for the camping gear for multiple people then you will need multiple tents.

Even if you are planning to camp using a camper you might want to include a tent in case you want to sleep outdoors on occasion.

A good sleeping bag is something else you need to take.  You’ll need sleeping bags to accommodate the number of people who will be camping.  You may think that a lightweight sleeping bag will be good in the summer months, however, it may get chilly at night so you may want to think about a heavier sleeping bag.

Sleeping in a sleeping bag directly on the hard ground can be very uncomfortable.  Some campgrounds have level ground, but not all campgrounds are level.  If you are concerned about the discomfort of the hard ground you might want to bring a sleeping pad or an air mattress to put under your sleeping bag.

Purchasing gear can be pretty expensive.  It depends on what type and how much gear you purchase.  Having your own camping gear is a big plus if you are someone who camps on a regular basis.  When you purchase your camping gear you can get exactly the style, color, etc. that you want.  You can be picky when you are purchasing the equipment.

If you are trying camping for the first time you might what to consider renting the camping gear. This way if you find you loath camping you have not purchased a bunch of camping gear you probably will never use again.  Renting camping gear is an option for those who prefer not to own their own gear.   You will find that different camping gear rental places charge different fees.   Renting camping gear is relatively affordable.  You will also find that when you rent camping gear the choices are limited.  Many rental companies of camping gear only carry the basics like tents, coolers and hot plates. Usually, camping gear can be rented for a time as short as one day or for as long as several weeks.

If you are someone who enjoys camping and plans to do it often, it is going to be cheaper and easier for you to purchase your camping gear and have exactly what you want available to you whenever you want to use it.