Can Introverts Be Great Leaders?



Introverts usually shun the spotlight and do not seek to lead. However, if they find themselves in a leadership position they can be great leaders. Consider that leaders such as Bill Gates, Albert Einstein, Warren Buffett, Abraham Lincoln and Eleanor Roosevelt can all be identified as introverts.

People who are introverts are often misunderstood. Since the introvert is quiet and spends time alone others sometimes think the introvert does not like people. This is untrue, but being misunderstood for years gives the introvert resilience and the ability to persevere when confronted by a challenging situation.

While an extrovert is likely to spend his time talking,the introvert is more likely to have the patience to listen and pay attention to the people working with them as well as listening to the customers. In this way the introvert is able to collect valuable information which can help influence plans and decisions.

Since he is not spending a great deal of time talking the introvert can stay focused on an issue. While the others are busy talking about an idea the introvert is silently contemplating the facts and working out a solution.


The even temperament of the introvert creates an atmosphere that makes those around him feel calm and stable and this calm attitude is reflected in the workplace and projected to customers and clients.

An introvert is not likely to engage in fleeting encounters with many people at a conference or meeting. He is more inclined to develop conversations while building lasting business relationships with just a few people at one time.

Great leaders receive support from others. Introverts don’t gather this support by talking instead they gather support by their actions. When the introvert speaks he has already thought through the issue and is ready to take action.

Introverts are less reactive. They keep the goal in mind, are not impulsive, keep calm and consider what others are saying before they take action.

The introvert does not mind following the lead of someone else. A great leader will let a follower put forth ideas and help with developing a plan and solution.

Great leaders listen to their followers, think before they speak, work out solutions to issues, lead by example, project feelings of strength, calm and security. These traits may all be found in the personality of the introvert. These are a few reasons why introverts can be great leaders.