Can Mind-Body Techniques Help You Get Pregnant? Try These 5 Ways

Sometimes you are not able to conceive even though there is no physical medical reason for your infertility.

Fertility is not only a condition of the body, it is also a condition of your mind.

If you are anxious or stressed, you may not be able to become pregnant.  When you are stressed your body releases adrenalin and this hormone can tell your body it is not the right time for conception and ovulation may be suppressed.

Unfortunately,  it can be a vicious circle.  Stress can prevent conception and the inability to conceive can cause stress.

You may be stressed about the idea of becoming a parent and don’t know why.  Perhaps something in your childhood is in the back of your mind causing your stress.  Did you have some negative ideas of childbirth or family issues?  Do you really want a child? Is this a stressful time in your relationship?  Are you having financial worries?  Is work overwhelming you? You need to seek out the problems stressing you and then find solutions for handling them.

Some ways to improve your chance at conception are:

  1. When you are totally relaxed your breathing is slower, your blood pressure is lower, your heart rate is slower and you have a feeling of tranquility.  You don’t need to think about conceiving.  Think happy thoughts.  Think about places where you feel safe and joyful.  Engage in meditation and prayer.  When you are totally relaxed your chances of conceiving are better.
  2. Remember that you love the person with whom you want to have a child. Keep in mind that a child is what you both want and that it will happen, just maybe not right now.
  3. If you cannot conquer stress by yourself talk with someone. It may be a trusted friend whose advise you value or it may be a counselor or therapist.  You determine what will work for you.
  4. Take advantage of tools available to increase your odds of becoming pregnant. Track your menstrual cycle and fertility.  Try using an ovulation predictor kit or basal body temperature thermometer. Feeling that you have some help with knowing the most fertile time for conception may help relieve some of your feelings of stress.
  5. You may be a candidate for hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy can at times have a powerful effect.  When done consistently for infertility it has shown some positive results.  You can listen every night to self-hypnosis CDs or you can visit a hypnotherapist.

Don’t just sit around and worry about becoming pregnant.  Go on with life.  Get outdoors, take a walk, engage in some exercise. If you have been stressing about conceiving take a few months off and stop worrying about becoming pregnant.  Think positive thoughts and after a few months go back to trying to conceive.

Sometimes you ruin your chance of becoming pregnant because you are stressing and trying too hard to become conceive.  Relax and you may have more positive results.