Can You Have A Healthy Sex Life After Prostate Surgery?

Hand with Latex Glove and ScalpelThe risk of erectile dysfunction (ED) after prostate surgery is very high. Even with robotic surgery as opposed to the more traditional old fashioned surgery the odds of maintaining a normal sexual function is slim. You have a better chance if your surgeon performs nerve sparing surgery. Without the nerve sparing surgery an erection is unlikely to return. Even if you can obtain an erection there can be other sexual problems. In fact, after prostate surgery one in five men may ejaculate urine in place of sperm.

Your odds for a successful outcome are far greater if your surgery is performed by a surgeon who has done many of the prostate surgeries. This is one instance where most of the time the more experienced the surgeon the better the outcome. Your chances of developing erectile dysfunction may depend on where the tumor is located and how aggressive it is as well as your surgeon’s skills and experience.

Surgery is not always the necessary treatment for prostate cancers. There are other options such as seed implants, radiation, hormones and active surveillance. Sometimes these other methods can be equally as effective as surgery without the damage to your sex life caused by the surgery. Your doctor will outline the proper course of treatment for you and then you and your physician can decide what to do.

sexIf you have had nerve saving prostate surgery erectile medications may help restore function within a two year period. The erectile medication helps more blood flow into the penis. If the man does not have enough nerve function to obtain an erection then the erectile medication cannot work. Other treatment options for erectile dysfunction may include a penile implant, a suppository placed into the penis before intercourse and others.

Your physician will be able to suggest the proper sexual aid for you to use.

Although a man may not be able to have an erection it is still possible to obtain orgasm since those nerves usually remain intact. It will take some adjustment but an orgasm can be obtained with a flaccid penis by using a hand, oral sex or vibrator.

It is extremely important for a man to be diligent in having an annual prostate examination. Treatment is always easier and the outcome better if the problem is diagnosed and treated early.