Carpet cleaner Buying Guide

yhw4623If you are tired of using chemicals for cleaning or if you suffer from allergies then a steam cleaner may be the answer to cleaning and sanitizing your home.  Steam cleaners work on hard surfaces and upholstery to get rid of dust, eliminate odor and kill bacteria and germs.  This is all done by using hot steam to remove the problems.  Steam is a safe, effective, healthy cleaning solution.

There are several types of steam cleaners available.  Steam mops clean dirty floors while sanitizing them just with the use of the steam heat.  Handheld steamers are great for cleaning things like counter tops, stoves, ovens and grout.  Most come with attachments such as squeegees and brushes and nozzles to make the job easier.  Some steam cleaners convert from a steam mop to a handheld unit.

A vapor steam cleaner uses very high temperatures and less water and is called a dry steam.  This works well for things like mattresses and upholstery where you don’t want very much water.

Steam cleaners do not suction like a vacuum cleaner.  They find and blast out the dirt and grime and then this debris is picked up with a towel.

You should decide how you plan to use a steamer before you purchase one.  A handheld steamer is usually the least expensive starting around $40 and prices range upward depending if you want a smaller household steam mop or a major appliance steamer or even a commercial steamer.  Very high end steamers can run into thousands of dollars.

uyhg6Things to take into consideration when purchasing your steamer are:  the boiler tank – is it made of plastic or aluminum or stainless steel.  The aluminum or stainless steel boilers heat more quickly than plastic and plastic may crack or break over time.  The amount of steam produced by a boiler can range anywhere from 10 minutes to about an hour depending on its size.  If you are cleaning a large area you will want a larger boiler.   Separate water tanks are easier to fill and you don’t have to wait for the unit to cool down for 15 minutes or more before being able to refill safely.  This can speed up cleaning.  A pressure gauge will let you know when its safe to open the cap on the boiler while a release valve will allow the steam to escape prior to the cap being removed.

You’ll want to check out your steamer at a local store to be sure the handle is comfortable for you.  The length of hose and the steamer’s weight and size will affect how the machine maneuvers.

Go on-line and check our various steamers and read several reviews for the machines that interest you.

Over the course of time the money saved by not having to buy chemicals will make buying a steam cleaner an economical purchase.  You also will not have to store any of these chemical products and you won’t have to store a mop and bucket.  Cleaning with a steamer will be greener, faster and easier.