Keep Moving To Lose Weight

Maybe you’ve looked into the mirror and been shocked by what you saw.  Perhaps you are feeling fat and your clothes no longer fit as they should.  Or worse, your doctor has told you that your health is in danger unless you get rid of some weight. You realize that now you really must do […]

Simple Ways To Relieve Back Pain

Many people suffer from back pain.  Everyday our backs undergo stress.  It may be that you are sitting at a desk all day or that you are standing for long periods of time.  Often our posture is poor and all of this contributes to problems with our back and the pain associated with it.  If […]

Your Thoughts Can Become Reality

Either consciously or subconsciously we are always thinking about something.  Our thoughts from the past are responsible for where we are today. Unfortunately, most people think about things they do not want more than about things they want.  Whether it is something you want or don’t want you will get what you think about the […]

You Can Eat Peanut Butter And Lose Weight

Dieting to lose weight can become very boring in a short period of time.  This is especially true if you are limiting your diet menu to a few choices such as salads, plain vegetables and lean meat.  When you restrict your food choices you may not be getting enough of the vital nutrients and minerals […]

Overcoming Fear And Speaking Well In Public

Speaking in public is one of the greatest fears for many people.  If you want to be able to present your company and gain the necessary sales, then you will need to overcome this fear of public speaking.  Think about the positive after effects of making a good presentation.  Focus on the many new potential […]

Some Tips To Lose Weight Quickly And Easily

If you want to lose some weight quickly and easily you might consider the following tips.  These tips are easy to follow even if you have a busy schedule.  Try to make small changes each day and you will be surprised how quickly some of these tips become a habit. First tip is to drink […]

Support Groups Help Binge Eaters Recover

Binge eating is also known as compulsive eating.  It is a condition where someone eats far too much food.  When they start eating they are not capable of determining when to stop.  Usually the eating is done in private and consists of all types of foods which are not healthy, but they are high in […]

Naptime For Baby

Getting the proper sleep each day is important for the good health and happiness of your baby.  Babies require different naptimes at various stages of their first year of two. In addition to regular sleep times, your baby needs a regular eating schedule.  Babies do well when they have a regular schedule for eating and […]

Cold Sores Can Be Contagious

If you have ever had a cold sore you know that they are painful and unsightly.  No one wants to spread their cold sore to someone else.  If you are unlucky enough to have a cold sore you may be wondering if the cold sore is contagious.  The answer to that questions is yes, it […]

It Takes Exercise As Well As Dieting to Lose Weight

When they decide to lose weight, many people think about counting calories.  Counting calories has been a tried and true method of slimming down for years and years.  Everyone knows that in order to lose weight they need to take in less calories than they burn.  Just counting and cutting back on calories is not […]