The Green-Eyed Monster – Jealousy

The one main reason for jealousy is insecurity.  The person who is experiencing jealousy may feel that they are not good enough for their partner. This insecure person feels that their partner cannot possibly love them as much as they love the partner. Once you have convinced yourself that you are unworthy of your partner’s […]

Saving Your Relationship

The beginning of a relationship is a happy time.  The two of you are in love and you both feel the excitement in the air.  You think that this new feeling is going to last forever. Then comes that first fight between the two of you and you feel awful because the new exciting feeling […]

Relationship Compatibility

If we chose the right person to be in a relationship with life would be much happier and less stressful.  If you want to choose the right partner for yourself, you first have to know who you really are. Occasionally, everyone should sit down and take a hard look at their self and try to […]

When You Break Up

Sometimes in a relationship it becomes necessary to break up.  One party or the other realizes being together is not working and no longer wants to continue as a couple. When you decide to break up with your significant other do so in person.  Make sure you break up in private.  This is not something […]

Does Your Relationship Need Help?

No relationship is perfect.  A relationship is two individuals who are bringing their own unique qualities together.  Neither person in the relationship is perfect and for a relationship to work it takes not only love bur understanding and effort.  Each person in the relationship will have to engage in some give and take. If you […]

Affirmation And The Law Of Attraction

To affirm means to show or express strong belief or dedication to something.  An affirmation is a positive assertion. If you plan to use the law of attraction to your advantage you will need to use affirmations in order to attract what you desire.  Affirmations will help alter your inner mind and create a new […]

Your Teenage Daughter’s Boyfriend

Your teenage daughter is dating a young man she thinks is just wonderful.  She thinks everything he says or does is perfect.  You, on the other hand, are not pleased with her choice of a boyfriend.  You do not think he is a good influence on her.  What should you do? You know you cannot […]

Is It Possible To Stay Home With The Kids?

When you decide that you want to stay at home with the children the first thing that probably comes to mind is “can we afford it?  Your family is used to have two incomes on which to live.  Will your family be able to get along on only one income if you stop working? The […]

Your Thoughts Can Become Reality

Either consciously or subconsciously we are always thinking about something.  Our thoughts from the past are responsible for where we are today. Unfortunately, most people think about things they do not want more than about things they want.  Whether it is something you want or don’t want you will get what you think about the […]

What To Expect When You Are Pregnant

No two pregnancies are exactly alike so it is difficult to determine exactly what you can expect when you become pregnant.  However, there are some factors that are common among most women. Often a woman will experience signs that indicate she might be pregnant.  This usually will prompt her to purchase and use a home […]