Cleaning Crystal Jewelry

Some people are timid about cleaning their crystal jewelry.  They are afraid that the jewelry will lose its luster and beauty if it is cleaned incorrectly. Crystal jewelry is also associated with healing.  Crystals are said to possess healing powers which help the body to strengthen and rejuvenate. It is important that your crystal jewelry […]

Living With A Two-Year-Old

If you are living with a child about to turn two years old be prepared for frustration.  You have heard of the “terrible twos”.  This really is true.  It is not just a saying. Your life changed when you became a parent a couple years ago.  It is now going to change again dramatically for […]

Following A Low Carb Diet Can Be Easy

Following a low carb diet is one of the most popular diets among the many diet fads available.  People following a low carb diet have found that eating a high protein diet is more filling than a diet of fat and carbohydrates.  As many people have been drawn to this style of eating, many companies […]

Focusing And The Law Of Attraction

Sometimes when you want to attract something you become obsessive in your focus on that particular desire.  Whatever it is you desire is not happening fast enough.  Things are moving much too slow. You may write and post affirmations trying to attract your desire.  You may develop tapes to listen to while you sleep to […]

The Pressures of a Home-Based Business

Many people like the idea of working for themselves and not having to report to a boss.  They think having their own business will provide lots of freedom and they will not have the pressure associated with corporate work. Being an entrepreneur and running your own business will require long hours if you want to […]

Green Tea For Your Health

Green tea has been used for many thousands of years as part of the human diet.  In Asia, green tea has been enjoyed for ages.  Now it is gaining in popularity in the western world.  The health benefits of green tea is likely one of the reasons for its increase in popularity. Recently medical and […]


At one time gout was considered a disease suffered by the rich who indulged in elaborate rich meals and engaged in limited physical activity.  Now we know that gout is an arthritic disease of the joints.  This disease can affect anyone regardless of their background or economic status. An attack of gout can be very […]

Tips For Effective Listening

To be an effective leader, you need to be an effective communicator.  Communicating does not mean simply being able to articulate and present your ideas clearly.  It also means being able to listen effectively.  True communication will only take place if each participant is actively listening as well as speaking. Can you recall meetings where […]

Strategies To Reduce Debt

Many people are suffering from too much debt.  Some people have said that being in debt is not the fault of the debtor, instead it is the fault of the lender for making credit so easy to obtain.  This theory is nonsense.  Unless you have experienced some type of financial catastrophe you are in debt […]

Clutter Will Grow Quickly If You Don’t Stay Ahead Of It

Most people want to rid their home of clutter, but they don’t know how to begin.  They think it will be a very long process and they have other more important things to do.  They are waiting for the perfect time to get started, but of course, the perfect time never arrives. A house full […]