Cats Need Toys



Cats are naturally curious, active, athletic creatures with wonderful agility.  They love to stalk and capture prey.  Of course, there are no prey for an indoor cat to capture so you need to provide some toys to stimulate and satisfy this urge.

There are all types of toys your cat might enjoy.  Some cats and kittens love the small furry mouse toy they can capture, toss and carry around in their mouth.  Your cat will enjoy stalking and capturing and tossing small light objects.  It does not matter to the cat if you have purchased a toy or if the object of play is something you have on hand.

A shower curtain ring is great for a cat to flick around.  So is a cord or a ping-pong ball or a balal of crumpled paper.  Cats love to crawl inside paper bags and boxes.

You can be creative with a cardboard box by turning it upside down and cutting doors and windows in the box for the cat to crawl in and out.  You can tape several boxes together and fashion your own cat condo.

Most cats enjoy chasing the light from a laser pointer.  They will chase it around the room, over the furniture and jump for it up on the walls.  Just be sure to keep the laser light away from your cat’s eyes.



Many cats, but not all, like the scent of catnip.  Some cat toys come with catnip inside.  If the toy has a velcro closure you can change to fresh catnip about every month to keep the scent your cat enjoys.

If you cat sometimes watches TV he may enjoy a DVD specifically designed for a cat’s viewing pleasure.

There are many different toys to keep a cat’s interest.  There are toys where he bats a ball around, toys which tumble around the floor so he can chase it, toys that disappear and reappear to amuse him.  Check online or at your pet store to choose what toys you think will appeal to your cat.

One way to build trust with your cat while giving him exercise and helping to relieve his stress is through inter-active play.  In addition to using a laser pointer try playing with your cat with a fishing pole toy.  These toys on a pole have a cord attached to the pole with either a toy or feather attached to the end.  Move the pole so your can stalk his “prey”.  Be sure to permit him to catch it at times so you keep his interest.  You also can simply walk around dragging a cord or piece of rope so the cat can stalk and catch it.

You don’t need t leave all the toys out all the time.  Put some toys away and alternate them every few weeks.  If there is something the cat is especially fond of then leave that toy available to him.  Instead of having all the toys in plain sight your cat will enjoy finding toys if you put then under or in something.

In order to keep your cat healthy, alert and active it is important for him to have some playtime each day.