Children Need After School Activities

You may think that children have enough activities with their class learning and sports activities in school.  This obviously is not the case.  More and more after school programs are becoming popular so there is obviously a need for them.  Many of these programs are booked to capacity.

The leading reason for the popularity of after school programs may be the fact that parents are not available to supervise their children.  Many children spend 20-25 hours per week alone at home and unsupervised.

Too often children who are left alone with lots of free time fall into the wrong company and develop dangerous problems.  They may fall into drugs, alcohol, tobacco or even crime.  Parents enroll their children in after school programs so the child is occupied in a positive productive manner.  The children in the after school program are free to enjoy themselves in a supervised activity.

Obesity is a growing concern as more and more children become couch potatoes.  Left alone to their own devices these children will flop down in front of the TV or computer and snack on junk food and drink.  Participating in an after school activity will get the child off the couch and give him some much-needed exercise.  In addition to healthy exercise, physical activity will help the child learn teamwork and fair play.  The child will develop healthier habits and will develop more coordination by participating in physical activities.

After school activities that promote social awareness help to produce responsible citizens.  Children in these programs develop a sense of social responsibility and these programs are helpful in developing a child’s personality.

A child participating in a creative program such as crafts, music or the arts will learn some problem-solving skills and will be able to explore his own interests and find his own talents.

In an after school program a child will learn new skills, including social skills such as cooperation, communication and negotiation.  When a child develops a new skill it gives him a feeling of confidence. Children enjoy learning new skills.

Even for a child life can be stressful.  After school activities are a way for the child to wind down.  The after school activities are just for fun so there is no stress for the child, The children casually interact with each other – no pressure.

Participating in team sports will teach the child how to work together with others to achieve one goal.  With teamwork children learn to move their focus from their individual goal to the goal for the team. Hopefully they learn that it is giving your best effort and participating with your teammates that matters and not necessarily always winning.

Parents want their children to excel.  They encourage their children to participate in various programs so they can grow and develop the various aspects of their personality.  Children seem to like participating in after school activities and appear to benefit from taking part in them.  Parents can feel at ease knowing the child is being supervised while taking part in an enjoyable activity.