Choosing A High Chair

When you baby reaches about six months of age you will be interested in starting to use a highchair.  Your baby is ready to use a highchair when he can sit up and when he is starting to eat solid foods.  The highchair gives your baby a safe place to eat and observe his surroundings.  The highchair makes it easy for you to supervise your child’s meals and to clean up after the meal.  Since the child will be using the highchair until he reaches 2 or 3 years of age you want to choose a highchair that will last for a few years.

The base of a highchair is broad and stable so it will not tip over even if the baby leans over the side.  It’s still a good practice to encourage your child to sit in the highchair and not move around too much.

There are many types of highchairs from which to choose.  Highchairs are available in wood, metal, or plastic frames.  The wooden highchairs have a very appealing look, but there are some drawbacks.  These chairs are not adjustable, the seat may be too deep for a baby and the footrest may be too low.  In addition, the wooden tray is heavier than a plastic tray and it is harder to clean.  The metal or plastic highchair is less expensive and lighter than wooden highchairs and they are easier to clean.  The metal or plastic highchairs come in basic models or models with many features.  There are also hook-on highchairs which are a seat that attaches to the table or straps to a kitchen or dining room chair.  These are portable and come in handy if you are visiting a relative’s home or eating in a restaurant.  However, these hook-on highchairs may not fit on every table.

Highchairs are available with various features.  There are highchairs that will recline.  There are highchairs that allow you to adjust the height.  With this feature your child can be at the same height at the table as he grows. The footrest on the highchair can be adjustable.  You can have padded seats on the highchair for comfort.  There are highchairs that convert to a play table and there are highchairs that can be folded away.  There are highchairs with wheels that make it easy to move them from place to place.  Be sure the wheels can be locked in place.

Be sure your child is strapped into the chair.  The child can slip from under the feeding tray if he is not strapped in and risk being seriously injured.  If the child is older and slips under the feeding tray he may be caught there.

If your highchair is the folding type be sure it is locked securely in the proper position.  The baby can be badly injured if the highchair happens to fold back because it was not properly secured.  Be sure to check the chair at intervals to be sure there are no problems.

Watch out for the baby’s fingers when you are setting the tray for feeding the baby.  If you catch the baby’s fingers they may be hurt or cut.  Be sure the lock on the tray is secure.  Tug on the tray a little to be sure.  If the tray is not tight enough or is not set properly the baby may slide down and be hurt.

Never leave your child alone in the highchair.  Accidents can happen in a split second.  Be sure you have everything you need before you strap the baby in his highchair so you don’t need to leave to find a bib or some food.