Choosing Carpet For Your Dorm Room

The floors in your dorm room may be very ugly.  Many dorm rooms have the ugly cold gray/beige tile floors.  Some older dorm buildings have hardwood floor in the dorm room, but these floors may be in various stages of disrepair.  Some buildings have the industrial type low-pile carpet installed wall to wall.

You can add some warmth and coziness to your dorm room by putting some new carpet on the floor.  Having a carpeted floor will feel good to your feet when you step out of bed on a cold morning.  Carpet will help prevent breakage when you drop something. 

The downside to carpet in your dorm room is the dirt and spill factors.  Your dorm room is not only a place for sleeping it is your home away from home.  It serves as your study room, living room and a place to snack.  You may be a neat freak, but your friends and possible roommate may not be so concerned with neatness.  Your carpet can be splashed with spilled beverages, have cracker and potato chip crumbs dropped onto it and be subject to dirt and mud from wet shoes and boots.  All kinds of mess can land on your carpet.

A color that can hides the dirt and spills is the best color for your dorm room.  Veteran dorm residents will tell you that getting a good pad is more important than the quality of the actual carpet.

You may want to consider a small (2 feet by 3 feet) fluffy rug for the side of the bed.  This type rug will feel good to your feet when you step out of bed.  It will look nice too.

Some colleges contract with campus carpet providers.  These companies will let your pre-order carpet to be delivered to your dorm room on move in day.  You will usually have a limited option for colors and sizes, but these companies are familiar with the layout of your dorm and will be able to help you choose what to purchase.  The prices at the campus carpet provider companies may be higher than at local home improvement stores.  The advantage is that you will not have to pack the carpet into your car and lug it up to your dorm room.  However, these companies usually do not install the carpet for you.  You will need to unwrap it, unroll it and lay it down before bringing in all your boxes and suitcases.

Home improvement stores carry rugs in many sizes, colors and price ranges.  Prices depend on the size of the run and on its quality.  If you consider how much floor space is covered with furniture and your bed you may want to consider a smaller size carpet to just cover the bulk of the open space.  These stores may have display boxes containing assorted rugs which are rolled up.  You can simply toss these rugs into your car and take them back to the dorm room to lay.  You will find that some prices for these rugs at a home improvement store are competitive with the same rugs found at discount stores.

If your timing is right, you can pick up a remnant piece of carpet from a custom job.  This way you may be able to get a finer quality carpet for a very inexpensive price.  You don’t need to worry about binding the edges.

Carpet squares can be a bargain.  These can be mixed and matched to suit your own style.  Be sure you understand the adhesive requirements.  Special tape may be your best choice.  Remember you must remove these carpet tiles at the end of the year and you must not damage the existing floor.

There are specialty floor tiles available online that do not adhere to the floor, but to each other.  They attached to each other with a special adhesive connection system.  FLOR is one brand of these tiles.  It is easy to replace one tile if it becomes stained.  You can use the entire system at another time in another room simply be adding or subtracting tiles as needed.  These tiles can be pricey, but they may be a good investment for a careful student who plans to use them for several years.

A used carpet may not be a good idea.  You do not know what may be lurking in the carpet and the carpet will need to pass the smell test.  A used carpet is not the best choice.

Before you spend the money for carpet for your dorm room ask yourself if you are willing to toss the carpet out at the end of the school year.  You probably do not want to lug the carpet home and then bring it back to school again.  Besides your carpet may not be the right size for your new dorm room.