Cleaning Crystal Jewelry

Some people are timid about cleaning their crystal jewelry.  They are afraid that the jewelry will lose its luster and beauty if it is cleaned incorrectly.

Crystal jewelry is also associated with healing.  Crystals are said to possess healing powers which help the body to strengthen and rejuvenate.

It is important that your crystal jewelry be kept clean.  Crystals can lose their energy within a few hours or they can absorb negative energy which the wearer can feel.   When this happens, you want to clear and recharge the crystal.

You can clear the crystal by soaking it in sea salt for a few hours or even a few days.  Then rinse the crystal with water and put it out in the sunlight.

Your crystal jewelry will lose some of its gleam from wearing it daily over an extended time period.  Things such as applying makeup or lotions can cause the jewelry to lose its shine.  In addition, natural oils are released by the skin and this too dulls the crystal.

Cleaning your crystal jewelry is not expensive.  Jewelry stores sell different cleaning materials for jewelry cleaning.  You can make your own jewelry cleaner with materials purchased in a grocery store. Purchase some baby wipes.   Baby wipes do not contain any harmful chemicals that will harm the crystal jewelry.  You can use the baby wipes to rub off the dirt from your crystal jewelry.  After you have wiped off the dirt with the baby wipe then dry the stone by wiping it with a soft cotton cloth.  Instead of the baby wipes  you can also use a soft cloth soaked in warm water to clean the crystal.

If cleaning your crystal jewelry with the baby wipes and soft cotton cloth does not get it clean you can use other methods to clean the crystal.  You can make your own cleaning solution by combining some water, alcohol and dishwashing liquid.  Mix this together and use it to clean the crystal jewelry.

You can soak your crystal jewelry in this cleaning solution for a brief time.  Do not soak it for more than two minutes.  Then rinse the crystal jewelry in lukewarm water to get rid of the remaining solution.  Dry the jewelry with a soft cloth.  Be careful when soaking your crystal jewelry.  Some crystal jewelry also has gemstones or semi-gemstones which are never meant to be soaked.  You don’t want to soak any jewelry that includes gemstones since these should not be soaked.

Gemstones, especially semi-gemstones such as amber, malachite, jade or opal are very porous.  Over time they can absorb the detergent and chemicals which can lead to the color of the stone fading.  Therefore, you do not want to soak gemstones.  Instead, you can safely clean them with a soft cotton cloth and some warm water.

If your jewelry has corners and/or a design that is hard to clean you can use a soft-bristled toothbrush to remove this dirt.  Be sure to use the toothbrush lightly and gently so you do not ruin the jewelry.

Keeping it clean and taking proper care of your crystal jewelry will keep this timeless jewelry shining and looking lovely for a long period of time.  You can enjoy wearing something that represents charm, beauty and elegance.