Clear Clutter For A Cozy Home

Do you become stressed the minute you open the door into your home?  Do you waste precious time hunting for things like your car keys?  Do you spend extra money purchasing duplicate items because you cannot find the one you have at home?

Here are a few tips that can help you control your clutter and lessen the stress in your life.

It makes sense to have a handy place for things.  For example, have a basket near the front door where you can drop your keys.  This way you won’t need to waste time and energy looking all throughout the house for the keys when you need them. Have a place near the front door where you can put the container for your keys as well as a place for anything else you need to regularly take out of the house with you. These items might include your briefcase, outgoing mail or perhaps library books that need to be returned.  When everything you need to leave home in the morning is in one place you will save time by not running around the house looking for items.  Stress will be a lot less too if you have everything ready to pick up and leave.

Put things away and straighten up as you go.  If you read the newspaper or magazine then put the newspaper in the recycle bin or in the paper basket and put the magazine away in the magazine holder.  After a meal put your dishes in the dishwasher instead of stacking them and putting the dirty dishes in the dishwasher once a day.  At the end of the day run the dishwasher and put away the clean dishes.  When you purchase groceries put them away.  If you let the groceries that don’t need to be in the freezer or refrigerator stay in the grocery bag how can you know what food you have?  If you haven’t put away last week’s groceries how do you know what you need to buy this week?  An unpacked grocery bag is going to be a reminder that you have that chore waiting to be done.

Keep your bathroom neat and tidy each day.  After you shave or wash up wipe down the sink and counter top and put away any toiletries.  Doing these small tasks will make your bathroom feel and look cleaner.  Then if you have any unexpected guests you won’t feel embarrassed.

If you want to do some renovation to your home, tackle one project at a time.  When the first project is completed then start the next one.  If you have several home projects going on at one time your home will be in a constant state of confusion.  It will be harder to accomplish your projects since the tasks may seem overwhelming.

Organize your closets and bureau drawers.  Get rid of anything you don’t like or no longer wear.  Either donate it, sell it or toss it.  If your closet is cluttered keep out of season clothes in a spare closet elsewhere.  Keep your shoes in boxes or on a shoe rack.

Have a safe place to keep all your important documents.  Documents such as birth certificates, marriage licenses, passports, divorce papers, the title to your car and the deed to your house should be stored either in a safe deposit box at your bank or in a fireproof lockbox.  If you have important information on your computer it is wise to back it up on a flash drive and keep that with your other important documents.  It is worth the price of a safe deposit box at your local bank to have the peace of mind knowing that if there is a disaster your important documents are safe and will not need to be replaced.

If you take a little bit of time each day you will be able to clear the clutter from your home.  You will find a clutter-free home is cozier and much less stressful.