Clutter Will Grow Quickly If You Don’t Stay Ahead Of It

Most people want to rid their home of clutter, but they don’t know how to begin.  They think it will be a very long process and they have other more important things to do.  They are waiting for the perfect time to get started, but of course, the perfect time never arrives.

A house full of clutter is not only unattractive it can have a real negative impact on your life, your health and your well-being.

A cluttered home adds unnecessary stress to your life.  You can feel overwhelmed and simply observing the clutter can sap your energy and make you feel tired and depressed.

Have you lost important papers and invoices in piles of papers?  Has it been necessary for you to pay late fees because you misplaced that bill?  Not only is this costing you money, a history of late payments can have a negative impact on your credit score.  This means if you go to finance a car or apply for a mortgage you will be paying higher interest rates if the loan is approved.  Did you bury the invitation to a friend’s wedding in your pile of paper clutter only to miss the big event?  These problems and others will be eliminated if you get organized and learn to handle your papers.  It seems easier to just toss paper on the counter as you receive it and just let the pile of paper grow.  Truly, it is not easier in the long run.  When the mail comes in sort it near a trash can.  Toss advertisements that are not of any interest into the trash can, put bills to be paid in one place and take charge of any other mail as it comes in.  This way you will not have a pile of paper clutter.

You can not only become overwhelmed with paper clutter; you can get buried with an excess of anything.  It might be clothing, toys, sporting equipment, hobbies or just “junk” you think you want or might be able to use someday.  It will be much better if you take the time to organize your possessions and keep the ones you want or need and get rid of the ones simply taking up valuable space.

You will realize some real advantages once you have organized your home and life and rid yourself of the clutter.  You will sleep better.  Your mood will be better each day.  It will be easier to manage your household.  Your bills will be paid on time.  You will not lose invitations you wanted to accept.  Your relationship with other household members will improve.  You will have more time for things you enjoy doing instead of spending time searching through your clutter for something.

When you organize, go through your possessions and decide what you need to keep, what you can donate and what you need to toss.  Decide where you want to store the items you plan to keep and put everything away in its proper place.  Once you have your home organized you want to keep it that way.  Whether it is a piece of paper or some other object it is a good idea to only handle that object once.  When you have it in your hand put it away in its proper place and do not put it on a chair or counter to be moved later.  This way, you avoid having things develop into a pile of clutter and you know where to find everything.  By the same token, if you being something new into the house think about removing something from the home.  You will not become overwhelmed with stuff if you follow this practice.

Take charge of your life and attack your clutter before it gets too far ahead of you.  Don’t keep putting it off.  You’ll be glad you finally got rid of the piles of stuff and have an organized home.12150102_xxl