Coffee Maker Buying Guide

CAT_electrics_779Years ago buying a coffee maker was a simple process.  You only needed to choose between a drip pot and a percolator.  Now you have many choices in a wide price range.

You can purchase a coffee maker  used on your stove or you can purchase an electric model.  The most popular coffee maker is the electric drip coffee maker.  However, there are many fancier coffee makers such as the single pod K-cup coffee maker, the French press coffee maker and specialty coffee machines.  Percolators are also regaining some popularity.

When considering a coffee maker you need to take into account how it will be used and what is important to you when considering coffee taste.

The electric drip pot can range in price for a small unit for under $20 to a fancier unit over $50.  If you want the fancier specialty machines you can spend around $100 to several hundred dollars.

The electric drip coffee maker comes in sizes from 4 cup to 10 or 12 cup.  The machines usually come in either black or white.    They come with either a glass pot or a thermal carafe.  The glass pot sits on the hot plate burner and the coffee can become bitter over time.  With the thermal carafe the taste stays as if the coffee was just brewed.

You need a coffee filter with the drip coffee maker.  Some people think the bleached white coffee filter alters coffee taste.  Brown unbleached filter papers are available.  Also available and more friendly to the environment is a gold reusable filter which costs about $10..

Other features to consider when purchasing your coffee maker is automatic off which is a great safety feature.  You may want to consider a programmable model so your coffee will be ready when you want it.  A brew interrupt is nice since it allows you to get a cup of coffee from the machine before it has finished brewing the entire pot.

For some coffee drinkers it is important that the coffee be brewed at a certain temperature, that the water used to make the coffee be filtered and that the coffee beans are ground fresh.

Buying a coffee maker is really a matter of personal taste taking into account your coffee preferences and your budget.  Remember the more features you want with your coffee maker the higher the price.