Create A Hiking Or Camping Checklist 

If you are planning your next camping or hiking trip it is a good idea to create a checklist.  Whether you plan to hike or camp alone or with family or friends, creating a checklist will help you remember to bring everything needed with you on your trip. 

You may be experienced at hiking and camping and think you’ll remember to bring whatever you need on the trip.  It’s very easy to overlook some items and this is where a checklist will help.  Having a checklist will help improve your next hiking or camping trip. 

Planning a trip can be stressful.  You know that you want to bring along certain things, but sometimes those certain things don’t always make it on the trip.  In the excitement of getting ready for the trip some items are forgotten.  Having a checklist can minimize the chances of you forgetting to include some item you want to have on the trip. 

It will be easier to shop for your trip if you have a checklist. If you are new at hiking or camping the chances are that you will need to purchase some hiking or camping supplies.  Just as you may forget to take something with you on your trip, without a checklist you may forget to purchase something you wanted or needed to buy.  To be sure you have everything you need to pack for your next adventure, you will want to make yourself a checklist and then make sure when you go shopping you have the list with you. 

Making a checklist is easy.  Whether you are experienced at hiking or camping, or you are new to the adventure, you probably have some idea of what you want to take on the trip with you.  You probably also have an idea of what you are going to need for the trip.  Knowing what you want and need to take on your trip enables you to make your checklist in a few minutes.  If any additional items come to mind later you can always add them to the list.   

To make your checklist you should imagine yourself on your next hiking or camping trip.  Try to walk yourself through it.  What do you see yourself wearing on your trip?  When you stop for a break, what do you see yourself drinking or eating?  If you are fixing a meal what are you fixing and what utensils do you have?  Where are you storing your food and drinks?  If camping, do you have your tent and bedroll?  These are all questions you will want to ask yourself.  Your answers will make it easier for you to create a detailed checklist for yourself. 

It isn’t hard to make your own checklist, but if you don’t think you can create a list on your own there is help available.  You will find a number of sample checklists online for hiking and camping.  You can print off a checklist and use it when you go shopping or when you are packing.  Once you have printed off your checklist you can make any deletions or additions that will make the checklist fit your own needs. 

Whether or not you make a checklist for your next adventure is up to you.  You might at least think about the idea.  Whether you are fully prepared for your next trip or not may make a difference between a great adventure and a not so great trip.  It does not take very much time or effort to make your checklist and it can help ensure that you have everything you need to make your next trip a good one.