Curved TVs, Are They Worth Buying?

Since they cost more to manufacture the curved TV is more expensive to purchase than their flat screen counterpart.

The curved TV looks fine on a stand or table.  When it is wall mounted it may look pretty awkward since the curve is against a flat wall. 

If the TV is facing a light or window the reflection will be much greater and more annoying on a curved screen then on a flat screen. If  you want to experience the great sense of immersion in what you are watching you will need to go with the larger curved TV.  You will not get the positives of the curved screen TV experience with a screen under 55 inches across and a 65 inch or greater screen is even better.

The curved screen tries to give you a sense of the picture to the side as well as in front of  you.  Some people say they experience almost a 3D effect, at times, when watching the curved screen TV.

Often television shows or films watched on a curved screen TV may look a little off or awkward.  This is because the films and programs were produced and framed with the flat screen in mind.

Your eye is curved and the curvature of the screen replicates the curvature of the eye.  The curved screen can make the edges sharper than a flat screen.

You can get richer contrast since a curved screen will focus light toward a sitting position rather than scattering it around a wider area like a flat screen.

You will only experience the best of the color and sharpness of the curved screen TV and a wide field of vision if you are sitting in the right place.  You should be sitting directly opposite the screen and at a closer distance than with a flat screen.  If you are sitting at more than an angle of 30 to 35 degrees from the center of the screen the picture shape may start to look unnatural.  This means if an entire family is watching the screen some members will not have as good an experience as others.   You will not have a very good experience trying to watch a curved screen from another room as you can with a flat screen.

Many movie theaters are using curved screens since the images are sharper at the edge.  Large flat screens are more likely to have a reduction in clarity at the edges.

It may be cool to own a curved TV, but the curved TV may not be cool enough for you to want to change from the HD flat screen TV you already own.  When the HD TV came out it was a huge leap from the standard definition TV and worth the upgrade.  The curved screen TV does not appear to offer very much in the way of upgrade advantages.  It may be better to wait and see what the next generation of TVs will offer before purchasing a new curved screen TV.