Dangers of Keeping Exotic Pets


Keeping an exotic animal as a pet is asking for trouble.

It may be legal in some places to sell these exotic animals, but it may not be legal to own them.

Although pets like domesticated cats and dogs do very well with people exotic animals do not.  Some people who purchase an exotic pet have no idea of the care involved or the time they may be committed to this exotic pet.  It is possible for example for a monkey to live 30 years or more.

Exotic animals which should not be considered as pets include reptiles, non-domesticated felines such as lions and tigers and primates such as monkeys.  You need to remember that  although these exotic animals are cute as babies they are going to grow and you will no longer be able to handle them.  None of these animals are designed to be kept as pets.  They may attack their owner or his family member or they may get loose and attack someone else in the neighborhood or attack a family pet.

Exotic animals need more than can be provided for them when they are expected to be pets.  Exotic animals need special diets, care, maintenance and housing.  Most people are unable to provide for these needs.  Putting an exotic animal in a cage or on a chain or beating them into submission is just cruel.  Birds or monkeys or wild cats are used to traveling many miles per day.  The short walk a pet owner may provide is totally insufficient.  Some exotic pet owners will even resort to having the pet’s teeth and/or claws removed in order to feel safer around them.  Again, this is cruel to the animal.


Because they are not meant to be treated as a pet the exotic animal may develop behavioral disorders.  It is very hard to find a vet who can care for your exotic animal.

There are many diseases which may affect humans and are transmitted by an exotic animal.  A few of these are rabies, tuberculosis, measles, money pox and many more.  Although the diseases may not be life threatening they can be serious.

If you purchase an exotic animal and then decide you no longer want it there is a problem getting rid of the animal.  The seller will not take the exotic animal back.  Most zoos will not take them.  Animal shelters are not equipped to handle the exotic animal and the space in the few sanctuaries that may be able to handle them is very limited.  Some people have been known to simply turn the exotic animal loose and this is extremely dangerous both to the animal and to the general public.

There is no good reason why anyone shold purchase and decide to treat an exotic animal as a pet.  You cannot domesticate the wild animal and it is very cruel to keep an exotic animal in an isolated home environment which is unsuited to his needs.