Deciding On A Middle Name For Your Baby

Expectant parents may spend months discussing a name for their new baby.  They worry about choosing just the right first name, but they often seem to forget they need to decide on a middle name for the baby too.

A middle name adds to the personal identity of a person.  There may be times when several people in an extended family share the same first name.  To limit the confusion some family members may be called by their middle name instead of their first name.  This is especially true if the child is named after his father or mother making two people in the same household share the same name.

Unless it is important to you and your spouse that your baby carries on your own name it might be better to use the first name of the parent as the middle name for the child.  In fact, some cultures and religions only use a parent’s name as the middle name for a baby.  Some women like to use their maiden name as the middle name for their baby.

You may want to use the middle name of the baby to honor someone who is important to you and your spouse.  Perhaps you would like to use the name of someone who befriended you or helped you deal with and overcome some struggles in your life as your baby’s middle name.  Perhaps you would like to use the name of the baby’s godparent as the middle name.  Perhaps someone close to you and your spouse has died and you want to honor him or her by using their first name as a middle name for the baby.  Any of these choices are good candidates for a middle name.

There are times when parents want to name their baby something weird and totally off wall.  If you must name your child something like “Lovekins” or “Surprise” stop and think.  Your baby                                                                                                                    is going to be identified by his or her first name for a lifetime.  This baby is going to become an adult someday and unless he or she changes it they are stuck with the name you have given them.  Can you imagine a doctor or lawyer named Lovekins or perhaps the CEO of a large company?  If you must include your unusual name choice at least make it the middle name for the baby and not the first name.  The child can just use the initial and not advertise his actual full name.

Choosing the name for your baby is not a quick spur of the moment process.  Both parents will have an idea of the name they like.  There will be debates and they will swap ideas, eventually reaching a decision.  Naming your baby is an important decision and should not be pushed off until the last minute.  You want to carefully think about and plan for the name you think will be best for your baby.  Some parents find it hard to decide between two different names.  Often as soon as the baby arrives they look at the baby and immediately know which name will suit the child best.  Think about the fact that your baby’s name is forever.  Choosing a middle name should be given as much consideration as choosing a first name.  However, the middle name is the one where you can be more creative if this is your