Declutter For Easier Spring Cleaning

You know its Spring when the weather turns warmer, the sun shines brighter, the trees begin showing their leaves and the early plants start to bloom.  For some folks, Spring means it’s time for a deep cleaning of their home.  Windows are washed, every corner of the home is washed, vacuumed, and polished, clothes in the closets and bureau drawers are changed for the coming seasons.

In the time before homes were air conditioned, spring cleaning included taking down the heavy curtains, rolling up the heavy carpets, and replacing them with curtains and floor coverings in lighter materials.  In the Fall this process was reversed.

After your home is thoroughly cleaned and free of clutter it will feel much brighter, lighter and more cheerful.

It is much easier to clean your home after it has been decluttered.  You want to get the old stale energy out of your home.  It will take time to declutter your home if you have accumulated lots of stuff.  Work to get rid of those items you don’t use and don’t need.

Consider getting rid of items if they do not work.  Get rid of items if you cannot even remember when you used it last.  If you have not used something in over a year, do you still need it?  Get rid of items if you simply don’t like them.

When you start to sort through your belongs it helps if you have three boxes available.  One is for those things you want to keep.  If you cannot decide whether or not you want to keep an item you might want to put it into this box.  If you decide to keep something and are not going to be using it right away, then you can store it for a time.  You can store things you are undecided about getting rid of in a plastic box with a lid and determine whether to keep the item or not later. The second box is for items which are still good, but you don’t plan to use.  This second box is for items to donate or to sell at a garage or yard sale or online.  The third box is for things which are broken, soiled or too out of date to he used by anyone.  This third box is for stuff to throw away.

To do a thorough job of sorting and eliminating clutter from your home will take a big chunk of time and quite a bit of effort.  You will need to break down your sorting and decluttering into small pieces.  It may be easier to concentrate on decluttering one room at a time.  Be sure when you are decluttering a room you include getting rid of the stuff lurking in closets and drawers.  Do not forget the basement, attic and garage when you are organizing and decluttering your home.

If you have started the process of decluttering your home in the past and become discouraged now is the time to resume the effort.  If you do a little bit at a time you will eventually have the entire project completed.  Once you have completed organizing your home you will need to put plans in place to keep it free of clutter.  Then, when it comes time for the next spring cleaning you will have a much easier job.

Decluttering your home will give you more space.  Your home will feel lighter and more free.  You will save time and energy since you have eliminated the clutter and now know where to find everything.