Discipline Needed To Successfully Work From Home

Many people dream of having the ability to go to work at home while still in their pajamas and with a cup of coffee in hand.  Rolling out of bed and going to check your emails and sales stats may not be the best idea for conducting a successful business.  If you plan to work from home, you need to develop some discipline in order to remain focused on your business.  One of the first steps is to get out of your nightclothes and get dressed before you go into your office to begin working.

Some of you friends may think that by working from home you are just sitting and looking at a computer screen all day.  They may have the idea that working from home is equivalent to being on a permanent vacation.  If you plan to be a success this notion cannot be true.  You need to separate your work life and your personal life.  You need to develop a daily work schedule and adhere to it.  You need to avoid, as much as possible, disruptions to this work schedule.

Here are five tips that will help you establish discipline in your routine when you work from home:

  1. Know your personality – Being your own boss will be more manageable if you have the type personality that is motivated and organized.  If you are easily distracted or like to procrastinate you will need to adapt and develop a stringent schedule that will keep you working on the necessary tasks in a timely fashion.  You will need to train yourself to avoid distractions.
  1. Develop work hours – Strolling into your workspace and getting to work at the computer at any old time does not seem to work.  You need to decide what time you will start to work each day and what time you will break for lunch and then what time you will finish work for the day.  Keeping to a regular schedule will help you feel more professional and will help keep you in the right frame of mind.  Encourage other members of the household to recognize your work schedule and not interrupt you unless absolutely necessary.
  1. Dedicated work space – You need to set aside space in your home that is dedicated to business.  Ideally, you will be able to set aside a room to use as a home office.  Even if you need to use just part of a room it needs to be set up strictly for your work.  Do not include items in your work space that are not related to your work.  You need to feel that when you come into this area you are there to work and do business and you are not there for any other reason.  When you have a dedicated work space you are better able to focus on the tasks at hand.
  1. Take breaks – If you were working in an office your employer would be required to give you breaks and time out for lunch.  You need to include time for breaks and lunch in your daily work schedule even when you are working from home.  You can use your break times to do some personal things like make personal phone calls, tackle small chores or just relax for a short time.
  1. Develop a list of tasks to accomplish –  You should not sit down at your desk in the morning and then try to determine what tasks you will accomplish that day.  Instead as the last task you do at the end of your workday develop a task list of things that need to be accomplished on the following day.  You are more likely to stay focused on the necessary business chores when you have a definite list of goals to accomplish.

Working from home can be either a dream or a nightmare.  When you do not have some discipline and control over your business efforts you cannot be a success.  Keep the above tips in mind to help you develop the needed discipline for working from home.