Do I Need Pet Insurance?


The answer to that question is maybe. You will need to do some investigation to determine if pet insurance is right for you.

With the technology and techniques available today the cost of medical care for your pet care can be quite expensive.

The main reason to carry pet insurance is to pay for medical procedures for your pet. If you consider your pet a family member and plan to provide medical treatments for any medical conditions, no matter the cost, then pet insurance may be advantageous for you. If you feel you will be able to handle any medical bills for your pet without using money already designated for other purposes (like the mortgage or car payment) then you may not need pet insurance.

Pet insurance usually does not cover the cost for routine or wellness care or annual shots. The pet insurance is designed to help with the unexpected medical expense such as an accident, emergency care or extensive medical treatments. Pet insurance does not cover any pre-existing conditions.


Most pet insurance plans are reimbursement plans. You pay for the medical care and the insurance company reimburses you. Check to learn how long the insurance company takes to process claims.

Be sure to know what coverage your insurance premiums will provide. You need to know what co-pays and deductibles you need to cover. Will your coverage be terminated or will insurance premiums increase as your pet ages or will they increase if your pet becomes sickly. Some insurance plans will not cover certain pet breeds so be sure your pet is eligible for coverage. You want a plan that will permit you to continue using your current vet if you choose.

If you have more than one pet can you get a premium discount for having multiple pet coverages.

You might want to talk with our vet to learn which pet insurance companies he can recommend or you might want to consult some friends who already have pet insurance if you are interested in obtaining this coverage for your pet.