Do I Really Need A Home Inspection?


Most home buyers do not have the knowledge necessary to detect potential problems in the home they plan to buy. For this reason it is wise to engage the services of a home inspector before making a purchase.

Although a lender may require an inspection of the home for terminates or other insects that can damage a home’s structure they do not usually require a full home inspection.

You don’t want to close on the purchase of a home, move in, and then discover some costly repairs that need to be done.

A home inspection will cost you a few hundred dollars, but this can be money well spent. The home inspector will inspect the structure of the home. He will check out the heating and air conditioning units, the electrical system, the insulation, plumbing, doors, windows, chimney, the roof, etc. After his inspection he will give you a list of current and potential problems in the house.

The home inspector can give you an estimate on the ages of the major components in the home and how much longer they should last.   Since the home inspector has done many inspections he is able to look for and spot things which should be repaired.

You should have a clause included in your purchase contract for the home that you can void the contract if a home inspector discovers needed repairs that are more that you wish to handle.

Perhaps the seller will be willing to have the necessary repairs done, but you need to have this agreement in writing.

Even if you are purchasing a new home it does not mean the property is free of problems. Again, a professional home inspection can give you peace of mind.

You may have a family member or friend you think can inspect the home for you. This is not really a good idea. If he misses something that is a major flaw do you want to sue a friend or family member or will you simply have to handle the entire cost of the repair yourself. A professional home inspector will stand behind his findings.

You do not want to purchase a home based simply on your emotions. No matter how much you think you love and want a home you should consider any problems uncovered by the home inspector before making your final commitment.

Be sure you engage the services of a reputable, experienced home inspector. Check his references and be sure he has the proper licensing and insurance.